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  1. Maxsdad

    A fake gun won't stop a real bullet.

    The only reason there's a happy ending to this story is that the police officer missed. Funny thing about bullets... they don't care whether someone was shot by accident or not.
  2. Maxsdad

    Indie films and 5.1

    I’ve read multiple times that true low budget/no budget Indie film makers never have 5.1 sound on their finished films. Why not? Don’t tell me it’s more difficult or costlier, that much I know. But (in general terms) HOW much more difficult and HOW much more expensive is it? And what is the...
  3. Maxsdad

    Short, fat, bald, toothless, no-ass old fart

    New poster, old lurker. I've been sticking my nose in here for several years, keeping my ears open and my mouth shut. Back in the 80's I co-wrote and produced "Officer Survival' training films for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, 40-50 minute reenactments done with a production team of...