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  1. Maxsdad

    Hello from Los Angeles (Music Composer & Sound Designer)

    Welcome, shenshen.
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    Jane Wick JR

    I would find a place where you can shoot, and set up a camera and start shooting different size cans with anything and everything. A 22, pellet gun, air soft gun, 9mm, it doesn't matter. If your actor is holding a Sharp 50-70, that's what the audience is going to THINK he's shooting. The...
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    Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but I'm kind of offended that you'd caption your post with "NO NEED FOR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES TO FINANCE A FILM". I'll grant you that Mara has those shady eyes, but I doubt that illegal activities have been much of an issue for funding in this group.
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    misc Accidental shooting death on Alec Baldwin set.

    😢 Not knowing ANY of the facts, I'll hold my tongue. But it's hard for me to understand how ANYTHING like this could EVER happen. Maybe I've just been through enough in my 68 years that I'm paranoid about the handling of weapons (and prop weapons), but my deepest sympathy and prayers go out to...
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    Producer in Central NJ

    Welcome, WH.
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    New to the Forum

    Welcome to the group, ND. You might want to glance through list some of the newer members, there seem to be quite a few from Los Angeles, and many of them are looking for "like minded" people to chat with. Los Angeles is FULL of coffee shops and sidewalk cafes for people to meet and just talk...
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    Hi Everyone.......

    Welcome, Mark. "Gold Coast" as in Florida?
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    Hello from Ireland!

    Welcome, Rob. Wipe your feet before you come in. A friend of mine from Thirsk (North Yorkshire) told me to never kiss the Blarney Stone because the locals pee on it. Is that true?
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    Award winning & globally acclaimed screenwriter here! Searching for a director/partner!

    Welcome, Michael. If you're looking for like-minded people to have a conversation with, pick any corner on Melrose (my favorite street in LA) and toss a stick... you'll hit 10 people ready and willing. The problem is getting them to shut up after.
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    directing Catering hacks, Let's talk about it

    God, how things have changed. I remember one craft service on the set of "Vega$" (1980) that consisted of a thermos of coffee and a box of donuts, and Crafty was still swinging the broom. AcousticAl has it down pretty good, you can't go wrong following his advice. Just remember to alternate the...
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    directing Catering hacks, Let's talk about it

    I kid you not. Red Vines and Skittles are 2 of the MOST important things you need to keep the crew happy. They're easy to eat, don't make a mess , and give quick (if unhealthy) energy. I haven't seen a set in 20 years that didn't have them, and a lot of Crafties will keep a secret stash hidden...
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    directing Catering hacks, Let's talk about it

    Coffee, Red Vines and Skittles. G & E will riot if you don't have them, preferably sour Skittles. And not that diet coffee crap, either!
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    Hello People

    Never been to London, I spent most of my time between Bury St Edmonds and Nottingham (fell in love with Ely Cathedral). I flew in and out of Mildenhall with the USAF, and even had a few flights with RAF 8 Sdn on the Shackleton (they're now flying the AWACS). But had the stars smiled differently...
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    lighting Cockpit Movement - Lighting Example

    Unless you're talking about an X-wing in a dogfight, any sense of movement by your vehicle is going to be negligible (unless it's traveling at warp factor OMG). In "straight and level" flight ("level" not really applying in space), any background stars the camera sees are likely going to be...
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    Hi, everyone!

    Welcome to the group, Jason... did you bring anything to eat?
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    Hello, I'm Alaa.

    Welcome to Indietalk, Alaa.
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    Hello People

    Welcome, Zac. What part of England are you from?
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    Welcome, Nina.
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    Hello All!

    Welcome, Ananth
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    Welcome, RZ. You meet the most creative people over coffee... I recommend Urth Caffé on Melrose or Starbucks on Sunset across from the Laugh Factory (although I was told it's closed). It's also great for people watching. 👀