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  1. watch REPLICANTE

    I actually like to let shots linger. Don't know if it's inexperience from my part or an aspect of personal taste.
  2. watch MARICONA

    CRAZY UPDATE: i actually did get sued for vandalism and invasion of private property. The police took all the props they found on the scene of the 'crime' (shoot) and sent them to the lab for forensics to analyze. It was crazy. Anyway i decided to create my own production company and inspire...
  3. watch Bushido - 'Saudades do futuro'

    A 2 year long production resulted in this 45 min experimental short film. It was a pain and a nightmare to make, everything that could've gone wrong, actually did. The lead actor was my father which i don't get along with and was drunk throughout most scenes. Computers blew up, baldness, police...
  4. Junkyard Hounds

    Hi I've been here for a few years and now ive joined a few friends to create an independent film, tv and videogames production company. We're aiming to have a self sustained online platform and help filmmakers and artists from all branches to spread their work! Basically working like a network...
  5. watch MARICONA

    We filmed at a lodge we found in the middle of nowhere and we had no authorization. We looked for a way to film the scene without actually breaking down the door but time was of the essence and i decided to go trough with it. So far no one has contacted me about it.
  6. watch MARICONA

    Yes, the main character's a repressed gay man and the serial killer is a man who see's himself as a girl. The plot was better explained at first and had more backstory but due to several factors it a lot of it got cut and this is what i have now. Hope you all like it, we had no budget and i'm...
  7. watch MARICONA

    with english subs now
  8. watch MARICONA

    As of yet, without english subs.
  9. Acquiring rights or not?!

    You guys are right. Thank you :) The footage just really blend really well into mine so that's why i wanted to used it but i'll find another film.
  10. Acquiring rights or not?!

    Hi I recently finished directing a 44 min short film and im currently working on post production. In my film i include about 1 min and 15 seconds of "Le Samourai" from 1967. I contacted the right holders and they're asking me for 15 thousand euros for just ONE COUNTRY! This is obviously not an...
  11. Looking for someone to score my experimental short film

    Thank you very much and i'm going to look through the links you've provided but i think i would really benefit of having someone experienced scoring the film. Being unexperienced myself i know very little of what or i can do with the sounds while editing them.
  12. Looking for someone to score my experimental short film

    This is interesting. I had the same idea about the footsteps.
  13. Looking for someone to score my experimental short film

    Thank you all for your input. This short film, as every other i've made, was done by myself alone and so it lacks the benefits of proper brainstorming. First off - The character lives in a sort of constant deja vu, he his tired of living but he proceeds onward because that's all he's ever done...
  14. Looking for someone to score my experimental short film

    I made a 44 minute experimental short film. It has only two lines and no ambient sound. I want to use the score to help tell the story. When a character walks or does something, we can't hear it, so it's up to the score to provide an audio cue so it facilitates the viewing for the audience...
  15. watch REPLICANTE

    My new two minute cellphone short film i made to participate in a competition held at MotelX 2016 Lisbon.
  16. New Director / NEED HELP New Starwars Fanfilm

    star wars suck ass But if your gonna do it , try and do something really original. We've all seen everything we need about jedi's, skywalkers, x-wings and lightsaber battles... Try and mix some blade runner unto the thing and just make a short about some guy looking for something or someone...
  17. First feature...need help

    Learned that lesson the hardway The screenshots all match each other but i'm having trouble matching it with the gopro footage of the dancer.
  18. First feature...need help

    I think im gonna go and reshoot the whole thing. Im gonna waste money, piss people off and make a fool of myself in front of the owner of the place but it is what it is. No point in trying to polish a turd in post-production.
  19. First feature...need help

    Thanks :) The silhouette is by design but it was shot during the day. Every screengrab i posted was shot during day time and i want you to compare it with the video i also posted. This video The video was shot during night...