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  1. watch The "Film" Look - some test footage

    I've been super busy with corporate work over the last few months (Not complaining :) ), so it felt great to get an hour in the evening from like 6-7pm to film some footage with my brother and his awesome Chevrolet Impala to just test out a new plugin I bought for FCP X which is called Film...
  2. watch Explore China

    Haven't posted for a while, so here it goes: Some scenes from a recent trip to China. Shot a commercial for big american shoe company over there, but this is just some footage that I shot whilst travelling from location to location! Watch it full screen with good speakers, because the music...
  3. watch Grain: A documentary about rural life in Australia

    Hey Guys, Never shared this piece before, but I really like it. I've shot this in november when I was travelling australia. Here's a brief description: "Grain - A Documentary about rural life in Australia" tells the story of rural living in Australia and what it...
  4. watch Terra Australis - New timelapse film

    Yes, I still do them! This time together with a good friend of mine! Enjoy!
  5. watch And this is why you buy a RED EPIC! Watch it in 4K. Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy something you've never seen before in glorious 4K! Granted, the night stuff isn't that great in terms of noise, but f*ck me, the rest is incredible!
  6. What's on your shopping list? Just curious :)

    What's on your shopping list? We all have one :) I have a few items on my shopping list, which I will probably buy around January/February. Anyone care to share what they are planning to buy soon? :)
  7. watch Sophie

    The film is finally out on Vimeo! Enjoy. Some technical specs in description at the bottom of the page! Any questions, just ask! Shot in 2 days for just over £3000!
  8. "Sophie" Poster

    Now that we submitted to Sundance, I am excited to show you guys the poster for "Sophie". Any thoughts welcome! EDIT: In case you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you might have seen me cheekily pose in front of the poster. It's huge. Or I am small. You decide. (Poster is 90 x 60...
  9. Looking for a great script

    Hey Guys, When I have finished off short film 'Sophie' (Currently in Post), I want to commit myself to a longer film. I am looking for a script, that carries an interesting storyline with an estimated runtime of about 60-90 minutes. I am looking for a drama/thriller script with a sense of...
  10. Production of my new short film 'Sophie'

    I've held off posting about this for quite some time now! We have wrapped principal photography for this project on the 22nd of July, so a good week ago! I thought that some of you might be interested what goes into creating a Short Period Drama on a budget of just over 2000 pounds. I was...
  11. Looking for concept artist

    Hey there guys, I am looking for a concept artist for a short film I am shooting 20th and 21st of July. There will be a few scenes to visualise so I am looking for someone dedicated. The film is a WWII short film which is very emotional and has a great story behind it which will be told in...
  12. watch FS100 and EVF Filmmaker Kit

    Here's a short video i shot about my gear. Enjoy :)
  13. watch FS100 Low Light

    Light is everything.. And the FS100 catches it beautifully. Ungraded shots from the Sony FS100 with custom picture profile! Enjoy
  14. watch Slow-Motion BMX - Sony FS100

    This is a little something we knocked up in about 2 hours today! Really happy with the FS100. Haven't shot much with it but the footage is a beauty! Such a relief, shooting with this camera, coming from 2 years with a Canon T2i. Happy happy man. Shot in S&Q Mode at 60fps @ 1080p...
  15. Sh*t. I did it!

    Ohh bugger. I just spent 4 grand on a FS100. Should be here next week! I will update :) Gonna be a nice change from my DSLR adventures! Hehe
  16. What would you do with a months time on your hand?

    Well, here's the deal. I will have september, the whole month free for a project. No school, no jobs, no nothing! Just everyday free! For anything i want! What would you do with that month? I would love to shoot a documentary! Any ideas? I can live for free in London and Amsterdam, but would...
  17. watch Relapse: Nocturnal - Timelapse of Las Vegas

    This is a new Timelapse film I've been working on for 2 nights during NAB! Enjoy! Soundtrack available here:
  18. watch The Flight of the Flamingo Teaser Scene

    This is a little something Nick and I have been working on for the past week! "The Flight of the Flamingo is an upcoming feature film, scheduled for production in Summer 2012. The film follows the fate of four young men, whose money-spinning endeavour- stealing and ransoming pet dogs- backfires...
  19. Hangrip Nighthawk

    Selling my beloved rig! Shot a few pieces on this, like Operation: Woodcutter. Getting rid of this as i have to pay of a few things and also have to pay off my flight to NAB!
  20. College gave me advice: Don't go

    Well, i had my college interview and they didn't really want me, as it would be way to easy and too boring for me. He said its the same thing with every other 6th form college. I cant really do anything else than that at the moment! I am 17 in July, already asked filmschools and all that, you...