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  1. Same actor playing two characters

    Hey all! I know this can be done by clever camera placement and using a stand in,but I was wondering how to achieve this effect if I have a dialogue scene involving both the actors in one frame?Any nice tutorials or links? Thanks!
  2. How to get this shot?(from Requiem for a dream)

    Hello guys! Was wondering,how to get a shot like this ?(0:35 exact) I have a 600D and premier pro.Can I achieve this?
  3. Guilt-A 2 min short idea

    Hello everybody! I am working on a new 2 min movie and I came up with an idea. I thought I'd take the opinion of IT forum members as usual. So here it is: A hostel room cleaner enters a student's dorm room for his regular duty.Looking at a 500 Rs note on the table ,he picks it up and lands it...
  4. Keeping ISO constant in a T3i

    When I shoot a video on my t3i, the ISO keeps changing accordingly. Can't I lock it down?If yes, could some one please tell me.
  5. Shooting slow motion with a t3i

    hey guys,it's been a couple of hours since I just bought my T3i. Now I'm just trying to have some fun with it.I want to shoot a nice slow motion video montage with it.All I know is that,I have set it at a higher frame rate.But when I do,the max I get is 50fps.How do I make it 60fps? Also,I just...
  6. Color Correction help!

    Hello guys. I am total noob when it come's to color correction and grading. I only have Premier Pro CS6 , so could any one suggest nice basic tutorials for color correction? How and where do I start off? Regards
  7. Is this premise interesting for a short film?

    Hey guys, what do you all think about this concept? X and Y are two non identical twins . X stays with mother Y stays with father, father and mother are divorced for over 12 years now after 12 years, now they are planning to meet at a place. movie opens with X driving to that place in his car...
  8. Can I trust ebay and amazon?

    How trust worthy are Ebay and Amazon? I have never purchased anything online,so I was hoping to take some opinion here before I buy a used t3i on ebay. What happens if the product isn't functioning well?
  9. Buying a Go Pro-need help.

    Hello guys, I am planning on buying the Go Pro hero 3 white edition(199$). I haven't used many pro camera's earlier . All I had was a VHS handy cam. I intend to shoot movies (majorly short films) on my new camera. The Go Pro looks great for 199$ but, my biggest issues are: 1)It says I can only...
  10. Entry level lighting gear

    Can anyone suggest me some nice entry level lighting gear which I can buy from Amazon? I looking for anything below 60$. As I was browsing the frugal filmmaker, I found THIS. Anyone uses this? Or any other suggestions for something around the same price? Regards
  11. Using a digital Audio Recorder?

    Hey all, I have never really used a sound equipment for all my noobish productions. Now,having realized the importance of sound quality, I planned to buy few gear for sound. I searched up online and found this digital audio recorder just 96$. My budget is 100$, so I was quite happy to be able...
  12. Transferring footage from Sony handycam to Laptop?

    Hello all. I have a Sony digital 8 handycam that runs on tape. How do I transfer that footage to my Lenovo laptop that runs on Window's 7? The handycam has a DV port and a USB port but when I connected it to a USB port, my lappy doesn't seem to recognize it?
  13. New short screenplay idea.

    So before I sit down to finish my script, I thought I'd share my idea with you all and take some advice. Also wanted to check how interesting/exciting the thought is.So here it is: A college fresher ,just moved in to city is fascinated by gang wars and joins one as a informer.Though he is...
  14. Kinoflix

    So I uploaded two of my shorts couple of weeks back. I read somewhere that the producer will be paid 20$ for each short. But after I didn't get any response , I mailed them and they asked me for my Paypal ID. Now, is Kinoflix trust -able? I have no idea about them so was wondering.....
  15. FB likes needed.

    Hello guys I made my FIRST short film (microbudget) . I sent to a student level competition and its now in the final rounds. The organisers have said they they will take number of FB likes into consideration(silly right?). So please like the post "The Dream Capture" in this page...

    So I am presently studying Comp Science here in India.I will graduate in 3 years from now.My aim is to get into a top notch school like UCLA/USC/NYU/AFI for a MFA in directing with a fantastic scholarship amount. I just want to know what aspects to do they consider to give me a scholarship and...
  17. watch A 20 second short film

    Hello all, this is a 20 second(without credits) short film we made for a college competition. Please watch and let me know what do you feel regarding my way of storytelling,any criticism etc. Thanks!
  18. Webseries

    I've approached a local Studio for a webseries production. I thought of some thing related to gene mutation and have come up with the following characterisation. Manipal University,2011.Freshers just came in.Among them are a brother and sister.They have been waiting for this time for all...
  19. watch The Dream capture-Shortfilm(microbudget) Hello guys, I have been trolling on this forum since over a year waiting for a perfect short film to begin with.I just started college(Not majoring in film studies though).We have a college festival coming up which also has a short film competition...
  20. Writer's Block.

    Here's the logline of the Screenplay which I'm in the process of writing Logline: A young writer suffers from writer’s block after losing his parents in an accident. Having a miserable writing career, he finds out the real truth behind his parent’s death and the consequence’s that cure him from...