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  1. I'm gonna make a tiny-budget movie that will be seen by many. Any objectors?

    You can do it Cracker! I'm trying to put together funding for my new project, also around $20k. It can definitely be done, but I expect getting it out in front of viewers will be a challenge. My intention is to try to fill a niche that's currently not really being served at all. It's an uphill...
  2. Shooting a Webseries on 35mm / Super 8mm??

    This is not really true, especially if you're going to be adding a DoF adapter and an anamorphic adapter. They both cut the amount of light making it to the film.
  3. watch My Corporate Video Gig..

    This is the problem with editing projects you've shot/directed. If you want your projects to shine, you absolutely have to be willing to cut anything and everything. Yes, these shots are your babies, of course you think your babies are beautiful. It doesn't matter, you have to be willing to cut...
  4. Blackmagic Deisgn 2.5K Raw S16 -- for 2,999.99 - July

    Out of curiosity, where did you here that? It seems plausible, but I was hoping to be able to pick one up by September for an upcoming project...
  5. VFX a crowd...or just cheat it?

    I'd get some guerrilla footage of the stadium during a real game when it was full, then cheat the actually scene with closeups and other thoughtful angles that don't show much the crowd. When properly cut together with sound design added it should turn out decently convincing.
  6. Question about audio correction.

    That's sexy.
  7. Which 3 focal lengths for my film?

    I would hate to be your focus puller. Do you realize how insane it is to shoot at f1.4 and also just allow your actors the freedom to go wherever they want.
  8. Small budget to play with

    Even with a separate recorder you still need a decent mic.
  9. alexia

    You can get away with two people, but three will definitely make the process smoother.
  10. MovieCloud Breaks Hollywood's Monopoly

    I completely agree with everything Directorik said. The numbers don't add up for the filmmakers. You're only charging $4 a month for access; unless a title is a huge breakaway hit there's no way a filmmaker is going to recoup the cost of even the smallest microbudget feature. As for all the...
  11. Color Correction Contest!

    Here's a quick and dirty version I did in Aperture...
  12. Senior Citizens Film Their First Feature

    Wasn't this an episode of This American Life? Very cool nonetheless.
  13. Fair Price Ranges for Physical Intimacy Scenes?

    It would depend. For a micro-budget narrative film, you shouldn't expect to pay a lot more. Since your username includes XXX, I'm assuming your making a porno. In this case, you should expect to pay a lot more.
  14. What's wrong the the (Hacked) Panasonic GH2?

    That is entirely false.
  15. Third lense

    Countering Gonzo, I'd go with something wider. The Tokina 11-16mm would be a good choice...
  16. Render Farm

    Interesting. I actually had planned to build a similar render farm in a file cabinet like this a few years back, but then the company folded.
  17. Canon 5d Mark ii or Canon 7d?

    The HDMI feed drops down to standard definition. That means you can't see what you're recording in HD via an external monitor.
  18. CANON XA10: The only camera I Need...?

    What do you intend to shoot? If you're just making narrative films the T3i is a great camera.
  19. Sup peeps?

    Deathworld is in stasis while we try to sort out some funding issues. Nate and I are still in Cali with an Epic, though, so things could be worse.
  20. Looking for Director (reel required)

    So, the moral of the story is strippers are delicious? Also, ingesting that much glitter can't be healthy...