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  1. directing Unwritten director norms/etiquette?

    It is not expected to give some kind of 'thank you' speech to the crew. I'm assuming your crew are all volunteers so it's just respectful to express gratitude. But I know you know that. I haven't read any directing books so I don't know what is written and unwritten. Stay upbeat, encourage...
  2. crew How much does it cost in the US to film stuff?

    It's a little different here in the states. The day rates are similar to union rates and the market and pay structures sort of take care of themselves but the final fee is more open to negotiation with non union folks. The kit fee can change depending on the kit itself and the individual...
  3. crew How much does it cost in the US to film stuff?

    My mistake. Usually people don't come here asking about union rates. Typically producers are asking about free lance, non union crew prices. Yes, we have union minimums. I'd be glad to give you the union rates if that's what you're looking for.
  4. budget Budgets of reality shows?

    I will amend my answer: The budget for a season of reality shows that you see on TV can range from under a million for a small show with 8 episodes to upwards of $85 million for a larger show with 14 to 26 episodes. My personal experience is on bigger budget reality shows. According to that...
  5. budget Budgets of reality shows?

    The budget for a season of reality shows that you see on TV can range from $5 million to $25 million.
  6. crew How much does it cost in the US to film stuff?

    Looks as if the prices in the UK and the USA are in the same ball park. You'll have no problem finding people in that price range in Connecticut.
  7. crew How much does it cost in the US to film stuff?

    A camera op (not a Director of Photography?) who owns a pro camera and some lights (not a full package?) will likely charge between $300 and $800 per day. Someone on sound (not bring the kit?) will likely charge between $250 and $500 per day. There are so many variables you do not mention that...
  8. Help one of our longest running forum members get back on their feet

    Glad to be first. Thank you, Nate, for setting this up.
  9. location-sound Fair Day Rates?

    I don't know what the going rate in your area is. Here in Los Angeles you're looking at $300/day for low budget and $450 for anything above $750,000. You know your area; what's the going rate there? And how much lower can you quote and still make it worthwhile?
  10. directing Directing a Film.

    I will assume you are asking about an independently produced feature length movie and this first time director has several excellent shorts already finished: That director should ask for no less than 2% of the below-the-line budget. But should really start the ask at 5% then realistically...
  11. Looking for a screen writing Manager.

    If you are looking for a personal recommendation from a fellow writer, that writer would need to read your work. I don't know of any credible manager who will read an unsolicited script. But you can do a general search and send out some samples. I know that's not exactly what you're looking...
  12. favorite What's your favorite movie of your least favorite genre?

    I checked Wiki for a list of genres to see what my least favorite might be. Not counting all the sub-genres there are 8 listed genres. "Young Adult" isn't listed but I suspect that would be my least favorite. I guess the sub-genre of Drama, "Romance" would be my least favorite. Not the...
  13. camera-dept Can't make a decision... please help

    That's exactly what you are doing - picking between almost identical cameras. So my advice will not help you: You will be happy with any of them so get the one you can afford. At no point will you regret not getting the other camera.
  14. misc Song Lyric to Script

    As Alcove Audio already mentioned "9 to 5" was a song written for the movie, not a movie developed around a song. There are SO many of those; all the Bond title songs for example. I don't think film people have a preference. We like scripts based on novels because of the recognition factor...
  15. Finito

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Sounds like a nightmare.
  16. camera Film Cameras

    I own a few 16mm and Super8 cameras. Have shot shorts and features with both. Today, there isn't much to gain using film that digital can't achieve. With no film distribution the finished product will only be seen digitally no mater how you capture. Regardless, I'm prepping an '80's style...
  17. misc Song Lyric to Script

    There have been a few films made for songs. Right off the top of my head I think of Jailhouse Rock, Harper Valley PTA, Earth Girls Are Easy, Jolene, Convoy and Born in East L.A. Some novelty songs were made into movies like Take This Job and Shove it. Not really common but not uncommon either.
  18. misc Film Makers and Websites

    I'll second what Scoopicman said. I think Zoom (and others) are a great way to collaborate. It opens up the possibilities of working with people all across the globe. As a director/editor I can work with a producer from anywhere. It's great.
  19. Stringr or Stock Vid Side gig...

    Yep, it's not an easy side-gig, for sure. Like everything else - it's who you know...
  20. Finito

    Well damn. This is sad news.