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  1. [Nov 26] What are you working on this week?

    Im working on preproduction for a country/rock styled music video. Also doing some sound design for a short film and color for another film
  2. PTSD in Soldiers Film

    Sounds like a great message! Welcome to IndieTalk!
  3. watch Enter the Void {Drone, Motorbike, Flare}

    Cool stuff! The drone footage was great and definitely added to the production value of the video.
  4. Essential lighting?

    Yeah, if you are shooting outside, a bounce card is all you technically might need. If you have interior scenes, there are little LED lights that are made to be mounted to cameras. I use these sometimes and just have a grip holding it on the side, etc. I don't recommend actually mounting it...
  5. Is IT dead?

    Yes Sir :) This is a solid thread
  6. Purchasing song rights

    That is definitely what I would do if I were you. Not sure it will work, but play the low budget filmmaker. Tell them you plan to make no money, but still want to use their song and compensate them for it. Let us know how it goes :). This is something i'm going to have to attempt in the near...
  7. What is the best solution for a film website on a tight budget?

    I use Weebly and find it affordable and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it.
  8. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    Wow, this is bold. I cannot wait to see the results you get.
  9. I need to make my dialogue sound like this. Please help.

    Thank you guys so much for the replies. Especially you, Utopia and Alcove. AudioPostExpert. It's specifically the spartans (the robot looking guys) whose voices I want to copy. I want to recreate the same style of sound, because I am finishing the series. I used to be friends with the...
  10. I need to make my dialogue sound like this. Please help.

    Hey guys, so I am working on a film, and I really need to make my dialogue sound like the dialogue in this film: I am not very experienced with sound mixing, and I have no idea how he made his audio sound like that. Does anybody have any ideas on...
  11. can i be sued?

    How big is your audience, generally? If you don't have much of an audience, currently, I really wouldn't worry about it. If you do have a bit of an audience, I would make sure your script really emphasizes that it's a parody/satire. To create a parody is the right to criticize, basically...
  12. watch Our Comedy Series Behind The Blinds

    Not the biggest fan of the color, but everything else was on point. Great job.
  13. New filming need legitimate advice

    I think it's generally a good thing. The cost, however, is much longer setup times, and it also makes the camera significantly heavier, which is only a real problem if you're going hand held for a long period of time. But if you're filming a debate, I assume you will be on a tripod most of the...
  14. RIP Keith Emerson

    Wow, I didn't know he died :( RIP
  15. watch A new comedy web series/parody about Indie Filmmaking

    Very fun and well done. Honestly, the production value isn't too far off from the shows on Comedy Central, which is what it reminded me of.
  16. Looking for Actors Auditioning for Mini series

    Where will you be shooting the mini series?
  17. presentation

    Welcome to Indie Talk :) Enjoy your stay. We look forward to your contributions and insight.
  18. watch My 2nd short film- "Assassin"- BMPC4k

    I'm not a big fan of these voice over styled films, but this was good. Interesting subject matter, nice cinematography, etc. The main character had a nice look for the part, but he looks a little young for someone with all of the experience he claims to have. I don't mean to be petty with...
  19. watch The Real Spartan - episode 2 (live action/machinima hybrid)

    I thought I would share this with you, since this community's criticism for the pilot really helped me out in shaping episode 2. Again, more criticism is always appreciated :). Here's episode 2:
  20. Please Critique some Frame Grabs from upcoming short film

    Those are gorgeous. I wish I could critique them, but....