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  1. legal Should I copyright my creation?

    Good morning, I got a little internship job (that is very flexible) near my house. I recently created a music video for my boss. I was supposed to do it for free but she gave me $100. That is very low (for the number of hours and work I have put into it) but it's better than nothing, and it's my...
  2. movies Websites to sign up to test screening?

    I hope I posted it in the right thread this time 😅 So I've watched a video from this filmmaker and I thought it could be a very cool experience to come to a test screening. So I found websites for major studios, obviously. Warner Bros: A24:
  3. color-grading Need help with color grading

    I couldn't find a category for post-production, so I guess "cinematography" is the most appropriate category for color grading... Anyway, so I started to use cinestyle on my canon to get "a better dynamic range". For people who don't know what's cinestyle, it's like C-Log but less good. 😅 I know...
  4. Is it possible to get an intership as a high School student?

    Hey, as you might understand I'm looking for an internship related to film making. To be honest, I have been looking a lot. Unfortunately, most of them only accept students who are at least 18 years old or are juniors in university. This definitely makes sense, because you don't want to get a...
  5. Premiere or DaVinci Resolve ?

    I always used Premiere Pro but since a moment I think I should maybe switched to Davinci (it will be free for me). The only thing is I don't really know what are the good things and the bad things about Davinci Resolve ?:huh: Should I switched from Premiere To DaVinci Resolve ?
  6. New film maker [Presentation]

    Hello ! :hi: My name is Let Malo Film and I love to make movie ( such as stopmotion , films, documentary etc ) and I'm a new in this forum. I'm French but since 2 years now I live in United State. :yes: I'm already excited to talk cinema with you guys.