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  1. Final Draft 11 Speech to Script Is this a game changer or not?
  2. My screenplay Sample

    Hey everyone, here I have for you 12 pages of my latest screenplay, The Singularity. Please review for criticism.!Aj_aH5XahU1-gQDHthz8sCEEMudm
  3. YouTube Channel Content

    When making a YouTube channel, what is the best way to direct the content? Should it be dedicated to one specific thing or more than one? For instance, if I want to cover gaming and movies, should I do both on one channel or have two separate channels?
  4. How to hire a Literary Agent

    I am a screenwriter and I have to accept that I need to reach industrial standards if I am to be taken serious. What is the best way to get a literary agent? Do I have to meet him/her in person? Can I work with him/her online? And prices.
  5. It 2017

    What did you guys think of "It" if you all went to see it? It looks like it had a very good weekend. What do you all think? A bit cliche? Nightmare on Elm Street rip off? Nothing like the series?
  6. Review my screenplay

    Hi, I started this horror screenplay that I would appreciate if you guys would check out. It's only 15 pages of it I've posted.
  7. Please Review My Screenplay

    Hey guys, here is yet another screenplay I recently wrote. It's feature length but please review the first 10 pages.
  8. Sasquatch: Beast in the Wild Screenplay Here are the first 10 pages of a screenplay I was working on. It's not much but, enjoy.
  9. We Are Writers

    Hey everyone, if you have not realized I am a screenwriter. I honestly believe that a screenwriter is the backbone of every film. I was wondering if there are any other screenwriters on Indietalk that can Identify themselves. We all can have a meeting, not necessarily a collaboration but to talk...
  10. How to get your script copyright

    Hey guys - after you've finish your final draft (no pun intended) what is the best way to get it copyrighted and also, the best way to get an opportunity to potentially sell the screenplay?
  11. MovieBattles Spotlight Vs. Moonlight

    Here is a series where I put two movies together in a singles match to find out which one was the better picture.
  12. What is the purpose of life
  13. watch Must Survive 2016

    Here is a short film that I produced, directed, wrote and starred, enjoy.
  14. Video Game History Intro
  15. Power Rangers has really came a long way
  16. Must Survive - Behind The Scenes That's me talking and acting by the way. xD
  17. Must Survive Trailer

    Here is the trailer to my upcoming film, Must Survive, staring myself, enjoy.
  18. Harambe What Really Happened
  19. Deathstroke Leak Footage With Sound
  20. Batman Intro 2016