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  1. Hello Again

    Nice new look.
  2. Hat's Off To Leawo Blu-ray Creator For The Perfect Festival BD

    Okay, with Festivals right around the corner, I am working on self playing Blu-ray Discs without menus. I got the Share Blu-ray Disc option with FCPX and discovered it only has a 50 fps option and made a disc image. Problem is, Finder can't read it to burn. So, I tried Roxio Toast Titanium...
  3. My Recommendations To Magix to Improve Sound Forge Pro

    My Survey Advice for Magix Sound Forge Pro I am sharing my suggestions with you on my recommendations on a survey I filled out for Magix on how to make their audio editing software better for all-in-one filmmakers. They are stressing all of their efforts for music composers and forgetting the...
  4. A Mass Exedus From Adobe

    Anyone else seeing people leaving Adobe all over because they cannot afford the $60 a month subscription fee? That's the reason why I stayed away from that deal from the beginning. My income varies too much month to month as do my expenses. I am see it here as well as on Facebook.
  5. Film Magazines for Reviews?

    Which are the best magazines to send films for reviews these days? Thanks in advance.
  6. cgi Is this Spaceship Fly By Properly Proportioned?

    Do I have this Spaceship properly Proportioned to the trees in this scene?
  7. Who Remembers These From The 1990s? These Pinnacle capture boards came with Adobe Premiere and Pinnacle TitleDeko. These are the good old days of editing years ago. Actually, I had this setup and became interested in film from it.
  8. The Apple Store for Help?

    I was told by an Apple Store sales associate that I can bring my projects for help at the Apple Store to get help and advice from experts. Has anyone here used that resource? And, how did it turn out? I am getting close to a final cut to turn over to the music composer I work with. I am...
  9. How To Shoot A Hyperlapse Effort.

    From Pond5. I am a regular customer of their stock media.
  10. Most popular media for festival submissions

    I know I am getting ahead of myself, since I have not even filmed the new spaceship footage yet. But, the last piece of equipment should be coming in tomorrow from B&H Photo. I have been out of the festival loop for five years and wondering in the ever changing world of film technology are...
  11. Great Tutorial For Beginners Shooting Chroma Key

    Tape Tube is no longer in business. But, this tutorial offers many good tips.
  12. Brain storming the best solution for a spaceship interior

    I cannot find an interior that will work with my greenscreen set for a spaceship interior. There's nothing available that is round or elliptical like the bridge of a ship on Star Trek. My only idea I can think of is trash what I have and use an energy glow for the background. Any other...
  13. watch 3D Spaceship for Super AI Design

    Need feedback, and hopefully useful suggestions that are doable, on how my design of a future tech of a cyborg spaceship designed by super AI would look. My idea is based on doing something that looks aas different as Vorlon ships on B5 looked from the much younger alien races on B5. I went...
  14. Accessories for Final Cut Pro X?

    Hello guys, For those of you who are Final Cut Pro users, what accessory programs do you recommend to go with it? I know I want the graphic titles and transitions pack. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advanced.
  15. Unless You Have Autodesk 3D Mac Studio, avoid .max models

    I am learning in my search for 3D models to use in my new version of I, Creator 2 -- Goddess of the Hunt that unless I have Autodesk 3D Max Studio, avoid 3D models with the .max extension. No other software can open these files. I am hoping people will find this useful. And, Autodesk verifies...
  16. Sony Vegas Movie Studio 13 vs. Magix VMS 14

    I will be keeping one computer the Sony's very last version of Vegas Movie Studio and my laptop has the current version Magix Vegas Movie Studio 14. My reasons are as follows: Magix Vegas Movie Studio does not comes with Sound Forge. It comes with music creation software instead. Also...
  17. My Book Trailer Is On

    It's also staff pick for this week.
  18. Leaving Vimeo

    Is anyone else considering leaving Vimeo because of their reduced support of basic customers? Stuff like getting statistics that used to be included with the basic service, they want to change for to get people to pay with Vimeo Plus. YouTube still offers it for free with no weekly limit to...
  19. Magix Vegas Pro 15

    In inI read another reviewer complain about it being slow on an i7 dual core processor with 8 Gigs of ram. I got it at a discount direct from the manufacturer. So far, it runs smooth and fast on my quad core i7 HP Omen laptop with 16 Gigs of ram. Here is a more comprehensive review. I like...
  20. Grant Opportunities for Narrative Filmmakers

    Finally, narrative filmmakers get a break.