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  1. misc So....are people making films....??

    Hollywood opened productions this week. I don't know how they will work it out but the show must go on.
  2. "Wannabe" film composer

    Hey! You're either a composer or not. There's no gray area here. You might not be a Hollywood composer but a composer nevertheless.
  3. series The Mandalorian

    You're right. They brought back Palpatine.
  4. series The Mandalorian

    I'm afraid he's already dead.
  5. series The Mandalorian

    Tune in next season on the Mandalorian to see who's that person at the end of Episode 5.
  6. series The Mandalorian

    Yeah. Star Wars actually took a meme and put it in one of their films.
  7. top-list Name a masterpiece.

    That film was perfection. Every ingredient you need in a film was in there and also in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The build-up, the decision making, the fall, and the rise. Including the unexpected ending. Always be ahead of the audience.
  8. top-list Name a masterpiece.

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and The Dark Knight.
  9. film-school MasterClass Online Classes

    Herzog is old school and experimental.
  10. misc Being autistic in the film industry...

    There's one thing I learned on my path to being a filmmaker. "Get out of your head, and express yourself." Filmmaking is a broad career. Figure out what you want to focus on; screenwriting, directing, etc and do it.
  11. film-school MasterClass Online Classes

    I have taken MasterClass for screenwriting and directing, and I have to say Ron Howard and Werner Herzog are very intuitive and the lessons informative.
  12. Hey fellow filmmakers

    Yes, I am a screenwriter.
  13. Hey fellow filmmakers

    Not bad at all Lol. I am also from Mass. I wish you the best on your journey.
  14. acting Acting and shooting scenes with just two people...

    Once you have a tripod you don't need anyone behind the camera. The only issue is that the shots would be static and you would have to mark your positions on the floor so can you walk back to after positioning the camera.
  15. movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.........................Early release. A very good movie with an interesting story and plot. I have one issue on one character's development but overall one of Tarantino's best. I understand if some people don't like it because you have to like his style of...
  16. watch My interview about screenwriting & producing

    Beautiful... just beautiful.
  17. Hello from New Hampshire

    Hello, from Boston and welcome.
  18. plot 3 very different Acts, is this a problem?

    As long as you follow the 3 act structure of storytelling you should be fine.
  19. Botsu - 267 Music Video (by a wanna-be). My channel is here Thnx

    Hey, it's either you're a director or not. There are no wannabes here.
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