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    Open to collaboration with other Filmmakers, Production Crew and Art Department team, Make-Up & Special Effects Artists in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York on motion pictures, short films, television series, web series, commercials and print ads, music videos and makeup effects tests. I...
  2. Indie collaborations, studio work or freelance work?

    Hi, I'm new to IndieTalk but not entertainment. Looking to collaborate with Independent Filmmakers, Crew and Makeup & Special Effects Artists, even as a collective or group in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York on features, shorts, web series, commercials, music videos and makeup effects...
  3. Motivation in MovieMaker Magazine Article worth reading!

    I thought this was interesting and worth checking out to bring your hopes up? I'm not familiar with the Director but he sounds all right?
  4. Filmmaking, Get In Touch!

    Here's my profile
  5. Filmmaking, Get In Touch!

    Here's my profile
  6. Filmmaking, Get In Touch!

    Here's my profile
  7. Filmmaking, Get In Touch!

    Here's my profile
  8. Filmmaking, Get In Touch!

    Here's my profile
  9. Filmmaking, Get In Touch!

    Here's my profile
  10. Image upload update

    Can the Owner or Admin make it possible to upload images or photos instead of a link to a website that has an image or photo? Thanks, much appreciated.
  11. Writing and Budgeting and Scheduling, Oh My!

    Which writing, budgeting, scheduling production software from this list is most recommended, used and why? Now, I have my personal favorites but… I'd still like to hear your side of the story. Please participate? Movie Magic Screenwriter -
  12. Any filmmakers in NJ want to...

    Any filmmakers in NJ want to reach out and collaborate on projects? Reach me here or , , , ...
  13. Projects in Development

    Have an idea(s) or any projects in development for a feature, short film, web series or TV Series? I do, as a matter of fact I have plenty. I'd like a writing partner or co-writer to develop them with me, anybody interested? I can write solo but I'm more creative and inventive when I have...
  14. Collaborative Effort

    Any Producers, Writers, DP's-Cinematographers, Editors, Production Designers, Art Directors, Construction Coordinators, Prop Fabricators, Monster Suit Performers, and Special Effects Artists interested in teaming up with a Writer-Director, Special Effects Artist, Prop and Set Designer...
  15. Please Welcome... Thomas Luca

    Hi everybody, it's a pleasure meeting you all on this fine and lovely night. This is my first time here on IndieTalk but I'm old hat at this sort of thing and I plan on making full use of it. I own a production company by the name of Imagination Filmworks and a small special effects studio by...