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  1. The Problem with dark humour

    @FeatusLapdance I don‘t forget it. I‘m just too busy at the moment. #School‘n‘test
  2. The Problem with dark humour

    The film Death became her was on TV yesterday evening. And I’ve to say… gosh! I lay on the ground by all these funny jokes. Ok. It was pretty dark humour. But hey! It was GOOD dark humour. So, now my question is: Why do modern films sucks when they use dark humour? And how can I create jokes...
  3. I tried a new script; please, critique it
  4. I wrote another script; please, critique it

    @Panos Diners do still exist. Especially, these days, where people do look for something like these to feel younger. I just say Teen memories. Even in Germany, they do still exist.
  5. I wrote another script; please, critique it

    I wrote another short film script. Please, critique it.
  6. Plot problem because of topic

    Alcove Audio. Yeah, I know about that topic a little bit. At least because many classmates, I had, had such problems like bad families, depression, etc. Many of them made it to the best thing. However, many other ones used it to get attention. They were such bold and kissed the teacher's ass...
  7. Plot problem because of topic

    Hi, guys! I’m working on a superhero project. It’s about teens, whose parents are superheroes. Those kids go together to a high school. (I know I told a lot about this.) But I can’t always tell about the teen’s problems. That’d be more a telenovela. Am I right? And I can’t let them fight at the...
  8. Critique my screenplay try

    @indietalk I did it. And you see: it didn't work.
  9. Critique my screenplay try

    Thanks. @pedramyz Please, do it via PM, can you?
  10. Critique my screenplay try

    @pedramyz that sucks. I try to find a converter
  11. Critique my screenplay try

    @everyone I made it new. Here's it as a PDF:
  12. Critique my screenplay try

    English ain't my first language @pedramyz
  13. Critique my screenplay try
  14. Villains

    So, how does the interview help with my problem?
  15. Villains

    Yes. Joker is the opposite of Batman. It's like Van Helsing and Dracula. One is kinda an Angel and one is a blood-drinking demon.
  16. Villains

    Darth Vader is Luke's father but became evil because he was manipulated by the emperor. And Joker... there is the problem with Bruce's past. And Joker is kinda a personification of all his problems.
  17. Villains

    Well. I know that they're iconic because those villains are memorable. But to be memorable, you need motivation, which can be understood by others. I mean, Joker became crazy and evil. He wasn't evil when he was born. However, I don't wanna copy those villains. So, my question is how to write an...
  18. Villains

    Villains. One of the most important characters, if you would ask me. I mean, can you imagine Luke Skywalker without Darth Vader? Or Batman without Joker? I think you answer is “No!”. In one of my old projects, the ghost of a woman hires one of the main characters to find her murderer. Is it...
  19. A teaser problem

    Can a teaser be also a scene, which is important for later in the episode. (And maybe in the episode.) Kinda a cliffhanger.
  20. A teaser problem

    @directorik Why?