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  1. gels, gels, gels...

    yah unless you get a hold of some HMI's so you dont loose the 2 stops that blue takes away.
  2. how much is the scarlet going to cost?

    you would think they would make the scarlet coust just a little bit more than the 5d to blow it out of the market. Then again that oakley guy probably want's to keep his camera as a status symbol so it will probably be a few grand more. what do you guys think? i was under the impression that it...
  3. HD editing on PC

    final cut has some trouble with my 7d footage, it drops a lot of frames on playback but that should go away when it is converted into a .mov. but macs have a bug or two with the dslr footage as well your not alone lol
  4. t2i/7d/5d on the big screen?

    and if your watching on a computer screen you cant tell the difference unless you went to film school
  5. t2i/7d/5d on the big screen?

    but i think he was talking about what the audience wants more than what indi filmmakers are doing.
  6. t2i/7d/5d on the big screen?

    thats because getting the look you want keeps getting cheeper and easier.
  7. Basic Grip Stud question

    yah but what keeps it from being pulled out again? usually they stop when there fully extended. probably isnt too difficult once you have all the pieces. but i once found a broken one on the truck and there are more parts inside of each riser than you would expect.
  8. t2i/7d/5d on the big screen?

    yah i get what you mean with the codec, i shot my short on a 7d and had a lot of hetic camera movement and flashing lights and snap zooms and scthick like that, the whole piece is filled with artifacts and it all looks very very digital (witch works for my style) and final cut does not lie the...
  9. how do i light a dark confined room and

    im on the same boat to, im shooting a short in a few weeks and the first scene is in a dark room, and the director wants the audience to think it is night time until the character opens the curtain. I dont really want to have dark spots in the room so we are going to over light it, im going to...
  10. the most difficult job in any film making?

    fire watch. the PA who has to sit next to the truck and make sure no one steels anything or nothing catches on fire, pretty much a human scarecrow. He stays there for hours and the other PA's usually forget they sent him to fire watch. and to make it worse no one ever tries to steel anything and...
  11. Best Actor of all time!? / Independant films

    BRANDO all day!!!
  12. t2i/7d/5d on the big screen?

    i almost sold my liver and ordered one when i saw Phillip Bloom's lucas ranch footage that was off the chain.
  13. t2i/7d/5d on the big screen?

    hay guys, a you know the DSLR's are getting more and more popular every day, and people are ven useing them as a b camera on red shoots and for television b roll. But i keep running into non-believers who admit that the footage looks fantastic in the view finder and on youtube but they claim...
  14. Basic Grip Stud question

    yah he's missing the top riser. Are those things difficult to put back together?
  15. Advice for a props rig

    that sounds awesome i hope it works out
  16. Just a is under appriciated

    dogma95 is basically a style of film making with a bunch of rules that have to be followed to be called a dogma95 film. To each their own but i can't say anything i haven't seen one all the way threw.
  17. HD camera?

    yah t2i or 5d. the main difference is the 5d has a larger censor chip. but on your budget with the t2i you will have enough left over to get some lenses and a rail system and some nice accessories.
  18. What is the most frustrating aspect of being a filmmaker?

    managing time, money, and jackasses. but you could say that about anything in life.
  19. Lighting

    home depot clamp lights are awesome, you could get a bunch of those with different watt bulbs and bulbs with different lenses (you can get those bulbs with par lenses with different degrees) and you can get some real nice lighting out of it. I would be worried about the paper burning if it were...
  20. lighting a cabin.

    day or night? interior or exterior? you've got a nice set of equipment. i that everything or do you have anything for like defussion