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  1. story How to write low-budget intimate character drama

    Then I stand corrcted. On the other hand, it wasn't clear to me, and I'm a producer, so...
  2. story How to write low-budget intimate character drama

    A word to the wise: The moment you use the derogatory deminutive "nymph" you get a great big, techincolor PASS. In today's nauseaously PC Hollywood, nymphomania is an outdated, mysoginistic term. "Hypersexuality" is the correct word. Don't look at me-- I don't make the rules.
  3. screenplay Screenwriting from two different artistic perspectives to make a story

    Exactly! The best screenplay is the one that gets financed.
  4. screenplay A mess of notes - organize to acts

    Start with a Logline. Make a List: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. Next, using at least four of those elements, write one or two--three tops-- sentences that say what your story is about. And remeber that stories are about people, so include the Who for sure. Once you know what your story...
  5. screenplay Screenwriting from two different artistic perspectives to make a story

    Screenwritng is a lot more than a formality. It's an art and a craft, the same way Sculpting is. I can craft a technically flawless screenplay from your idea, but that doesn't mean it not going to stink as a movie. Ever see HUDSON HAWK? Or ISTHAR? Or HEAVEN'S GATE? Or half the crap on Netflix...
  6. story Rewrite a screenplay

    Action Genre Heroes don't have an arc. That's John Jarvis' opinion and I agree. This guy is confusing the Hero for the Impact Character, which are not generally the same thing, (but can be). For cutting down, if every scene is essential to the story and it's 180 pages, etiher turn into...
  7. format Format issues when scene filmed by surveillance video

    Right on! Who the hell is "we"? It's just me, and I'm reading a script
  8. format Format issues when scene filmed by surveillance video

    You're reading way too much into this. It's just a POV. INT. MANAGER’S OFFICE - THE PARADISE ROOM - NIGHT POV: SECURITY CAMERA ON THE OFFICE WALL Tacky. A desk, a chair, filing cabinet, a casting couch and small refrigerator. There are two security monitors, one showing the security camera...
  9. misc Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    This does not work. The person cast as Rebecca might have blue eyes, and nethier Directors nor Actors like writers passive-aggressively directing.
  10. story Rewrite a screenplay

    It's likely that your scenes start too early and end too late. Eliminate transitory scene, i.e., transporting or arriving at the next scene. Look for superfolous characterization scenes that can be cut or transitoined into part of another scene. Consolidate you scenes so that every scene has...
  11. acting ASAP Replacement Actor in LA due to last minute cancellation needed.

    I need a child actor, boy aged 7-12, white of latino, for a paid gig tomorrow, 3/29/21, in Los Angeles. This is for an Indie Director friend who has had a last minute cancellation. If you know anyone, please contact me ASAP. I will immediately pass any interested parties to the Director. Thanks.
  12. logline ?

    Your log is an observation, not a story. The guy says "OK" and the movie's over. Unless-- "The AG is forced to throw out the book and defend his wife when--" that stuff happens. That's a log. Raise the stakes, raise the tension, i.e., pregnant wife. Why do I want to watch this guy, anyway...
  13. movies Is this movie good?

    I was never in the military, but I grew up and went to school on military bases and I believe that there are a variety of grenades with different capabilities.
  14. movies Is this movie good?

    The first two were rock solid, popcorn matinee movies. They each stood alone, were visually stunning and fun to watch. The third one was a bit patronizing and did not stand alone. Personally, I'm excited to see Bob Odenkirk as the next John Wick-type character, in "Nobody". Variety all but...
  15. misc how much should I charge for writing a short script?

    This is how Hollywood works. 90% of paid Screenwriting is writing what you're told to write. and doing it to someone else's satisfaction. It's also why you need a contract that spells out your obligation and compensation as clearly and concisely as possible.
  16. critique First Ten

    Scene 1 is perfecto, but it falls apart at Scene 2 when you take me inside Loraine’s house and I go blind. I wonder what her house looks like inside? Respect your script. That awesome description you wrote to start off Scene 1, you have to do that every single time you write a slugline. I see...
  17. misc Four completed scripts. Is it time to look for representation?

    That's exactly how it works and what I did. That's why I work even though I've never earned screen credit. I'm know screenwriting inside-out, but my imagination has never lined up with the times closely enough to have original material produced, until now. To a Producer unsolicited screenplays...
  18. misc how much should I charge for writing a short script?

    My personal philosophy is to do what I have to do to get the project made IF it's something I want my name on. If I don't believe in the filmmaker, I soak him for what I can, and I throw in an NDA agreeing to give up screen credit in exchange. I don't want my name on anything that's sub-par.,
  19. misc how much should I charge for writing a short script?

    Send anything you wrote that you fell represents you abilities unless you signed an NDA or sold the rights to credit.