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  1. directing How would you best spend 50K and free time to start a directing “career”?

    Not to highjack the thread but in regard to the bolded portion, since OP has no filmmaking experience, what would be the best way to go about doing this? I'm not in the same boat as OP but somewhat similar. How do you get that entry level crap job? Thanks.
  2. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    Thank you! I will check the videos out!
  3. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    Thank you thank you, I will be doing this. Also the video was very helpful because you can really SEE what is going on as you said. Again, thank you.
  4. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    Thank you! Also if it helps these photos taken from one of those videos shows a fair comparison between the kind of result I'm getting on faces and the kind of result I would prefer for this set up. What I'm getting: What I want: I'm sure everyone can see how one flatters the subject...
  5. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    Thanks so much for the detailed reply!! Basically the thing I'm trying to work on at present is for an interview type set up. I'm going to interview some family and friends about their day, then cut it together with some b roll of some of the things they did that day. So I'm trying to simply...
  6. movies What are you watching rn?

    My watching is all over the place.......and I like it Recently: Hellbound: Hellraiser II When Harry Met Sally... The Friends of Eddie Coyle Working Girl In The Valley of Elah
  7. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    Nice! That chocolate light produces such an interesting mood I was surprised. I will look into just some incandescent bulbs too and just try to experiment with things more. I'll be wanting to introduce more color eventually too so I don't know if I'll be able to be effective using gels with...
  8. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    For sure, I see what you're saying and I can tell shaping the light/controlling spill, etc. is going to be quite important when it comes to getting the results you want. Yes I know pics def would make a big difference, I'm going to mess with it a bit more and stop trying to replicate the youtube...
  9. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    Okay thanks for the muslin for diffusion suggestion, I'll look to buy some of that. Would you be able to explain the difference in the look of the two or I should just try both probably and see what I think? I guess I'll need to buy stuff to hang it with/on. Duvetyne for negative fill, okay...
  10. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    First, thanks for the response. Yes I imagine it would be a lot easier if I uploaded some pics, I'll get on that. I guess I was trying to avoid it because who wants to post unflattering pictures of themselves or their family members online for people to view lol. I posted a video above that may...
  11. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    For some visual to go with all that text, take a look at about 30 seconds worth of this video (the link should begin the video from the correct time stamp) from around 0:08 - 0:37. The narrator speaks using explanations I would for how my light is on my subject. It isn't that flattering, it...
  12. Hello!

  13. lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    Hey all! I am trying to learn lighting, just trying to be super basic here to start out and crawl before I try to take any real steps. I'd love advice/help on achieving soft flattering light for lighting people as well as tools and methods I can use to help shape the light overall. I don't have...
  14. Let's do this!

    Haha trust me I understand the struggle.
  15. movies What are you watching rn?

    How did you feel overall about Cape Fear ('62)? I will definitely agree there are super old movies that are still incredible start to finish. I guess I wanted to like the movie going in which helps and in this case my initial reaction was I'm enjoying this but some of these music cues are just...
  16. movies What are you watching rn?

    I enjoyed the way the movie was shot however I'm unsure why I became somewhat bored toward the last 1/3 of the picture? I was already used to some of the music as it is the same as the '91 version, I love the Main Title. Sometimes IMO the music use seemed a bit over the top but it's nothing that...
  17. movies What are you watching rn?

    Recently watched the original Cape Fear with Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, & Polly Bergen after having seen the Scorsese version many times. I've seen Peck in a fair amount of stuff but my only previous experience with Mitchum was The Night of The Hunter so now I'm looking for my next Robert...
  18. Let's do this!

    Thanks! I was just noticing you watched "Run" recently. I'm looking forward to checking it out as well. Does Sarah Paulson ever stop working? haha I'm all for it because anytime she's in something she always seems to make it better!
  19. Let's do this!

    What's up everyone! Just doing the whole Welcome Post thing. I'm joining indie talk to learn from and connect with other creators! Currently I am writing and experimenting with the Panasonic Lumix G-7. I feel strongly about my creative ideas but less so about my technical abilities to bring...