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  1. screenplay A story

    What is yours?
  2. Stringr or Stock Vid Side gig...

    I recently had an older video I captured, that was sold on Stringr... albeit, it was from over a year later. I do get texts for requests from Stringr quite often (most of the time am annoyed by requests) ..but perhaps it is worth my time if it has historical value in gathering video... Sold a...
  3. screenplay Screenwriting from two different artistic perspectives to make a story

    I know a tattoo artist who is amazing, can two creative minds work together to make an amazing story, and leave all the formalities of screenwriting to people that are good at that?
  4. Lets talk passion

    What are you passionate about?
  5. Non-fiction story with fictional elements

    I was wondering if anyone wanted a possible side project to work with me on from true stories of others, if they are willing to share their stories (who knows) (and myself) that could possibly be made into an entertaining movie / 30 minute stream (whatever it is called now) Something to do on...
  6. Book find interesting or funny?

    Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman After reading the reviews, I think I will just read the 12 page intro... Seems like a waste of time to read the bloated book for page number purposes of the idea Found any other books like this?
  7. movies Leaving Las Vegas

    I watched it some (many) years back... now watching again, and I think it is brilliant. What do you think makes it great?
  8. screenplay A mess of notes - organize to acts

    Lots of notes, lots of other things going on, besides writing. Putting to acts / format. make no mistake, I love the content, the ideas. It has to flow into a story, elements are only just that, and if they can’t “band” they have no substance right? This, as I have said is lowest priority...
  9. story Do you type, write or talk?

    I love writing, but being so preoccupied with so many things, I just can't find the time to sit at a word processor and type. I know, a first world problem for sure. But, I thought a bit deeper, and perhaps, writing limits my thoughts? Speaking my mind may give me an added...creative outlet? I...
  10. video Is this editing?

  11. misc Every Edit is a Lie.

    Just throwing a joke, or rather a life experience I knew shooting news. And! Always Cut on action! If something is moving, cut! Never hold two shots the same (if you can accomplish natural transitions AWESOME), meaning wide wide , medium medium, tight, tight (unless special circumstances) I...
  12. misc Wealth of content - how do you make a movie?

    If you know know of a wealth of content, how do you make a movie? Or I should say, how would you approach a movie to made when you know where a wealth of content is?
  13. misc Compositon

    This is news, but I will get to more, this is an amazing explanation of working spot news, which I have many times :) Just sharing thoughts on composition in general in a field I worked in. I am not him, just sharing a video explaining spot news. And then there is advanced composition when you...
  14. Random Thread

    This is a random thread about anything. Anything random at all, What's on ya mind? :) I aced my English Comp Classes thinking like Tom Waits when I wrote, Yes, he is a master, and...well I never stole, but copied style.:)
  15. misc Screenwriting writing game - One Paragraph

    If anyone wants a break from the norm in writing, there is a game that is played called the Songwriting game, and I think it would be pretty awesome to do here with screenwriting. The concept is a group of people are given a word, and they write a song but in this case the start of a story (one...
  16. misc Writing Toolbox?

    I am having a lot of fun putting this together on final draft (on the cloud) between ipad and iphone on the go lol, very cool to do! Does anyone write with a toolbox of sorts? Meaning they pick a writing tool as they go, or do they write and edit later? For instance I am utilizing English Comp...
  17. misc Various questions about screenwriting

    Various questions about screenwriting Hello! I am very excited to put together a script that is currently all in various notes! I have a few questions about this process. After learning the formatting and finally putting the script together what are fees and methods for copyright? My next...
  18. Hi

    Hello I am interested in speaking about screenwriting. I have a few ideas and would like to get some opinions on script structure and ways to pitch it without being scammed by some service looking to make money. Name is Dean, I work a boring job but have many hobbies lol I actually take on way...