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  1. How do you do this out of focus camera effect?

    I've never seen a shot like this where the photo was a flat plane parallel to the film plane/sensor of the camera capturing the scene. It's always angular so that there is depth on the Z axis (from the perspective of the camera capturing the scene) with which to manipulate focus. Tilt-Shift...
  2. Drinking and Cleaning the Car

    Now that's a short film premise if I've ever read one!! :lol:
  3. What Are You Reading?

    Recently finished: I liked it. Nothing spectacular from the word-craft perspective (she's not a "writer's writer" if you are into that sort of thing), but a very unique protagonist and interesting fictional world with depth beyond what was...
  4. Movie plot holes. anyone?

    Hmm.. Interesting. Never really looked at that as a hole, so much as an ellipsis. I always thought we were to assume his "operator" at that point would be the security constructs (Hugo Weaving and company) and that his in/out points were handled by the software with whom he was colluding. On...
  5. A question about the reactions to a hitler-centric movie.

    Going to just gloss over the political (and definitely ignoring the gross generalizations being made) part of this thread, and follow in Rik's lead: If this is something you (CPkeyes) are genuinely passionate about doing, then just do it. Do your research, craft your story, find your...
  6. Community Project

    Sorry Nick, but that's what Bay Area beaches are like. I should never have included a beach on the list of possible places we could have shot. No accounting for weather, but I should have accounted for expectations. CA is one of the geographically largest states in the US - as in at least...
  7. Community Project

    Just setup my team with the upload info, IMDB page info, and Dready's website write-up request. I still have plates to shoot for UFO love - doing those this week on my way back up north and while in SF. Are we married to a time of day for those or can I just shoot them when it's pretty? :D
  8. Community Project

    Odd, I was just coming here to say similar things about delays, look for the info to get our stuff uploaded, and make a list of what tasks we still owe. Heh. All that aside I guess, so yeah, let's finish this thing: Need this info, or info on whatever other host we may/may not be using. :)
  9. Community Project

    That all makes sense, just missed the memo/process. :) Also hadn't posted in a while so thought I'd share what we had thus far. Walter - saw there was a message, meant to look after my flight lands (leaving shortly). Ignore sound on those clips anyway - it's all scratch from camera at this point.
  10. Community Project

    Did I miss that memo? I'll admit I've been too busy to keep up with every post in this thread. Are you re-cutting all the other scenes as well? Just curious as since I saw roughs of everything thus far and handed this off before traveling for work and then moving. Obviously I missed something.
  11. Community Project

    Here's the latest from our director:
  12. Community Project

    Nice work Wheat! I'm moving this weekend, but grabbing shots suitable for "cellphone" plates is still on my list. Do we care about time of day for those? I was thinking dawn. Can provide SF, rural CA and now featuring LA.
  13. Question about crossing the 180 degree line.

    As long as you have clearly established the scene's geography and use either movement, action, or (most commonly and most effectively) an actor's eyes to move the line of action about the room, you can "cross the line" all you like. It might be worth checking out this book (for anyone with...
  14. Community Project

    Hi gang, apologies for the delay - road show has me crazy busy. I'll try to touch base with my team back in Cali tomorrow (day off). We may have had a sound issue from our second day of filming, but I am hoping it was resolved in my absence. More detail soon.
  15. Community Project

    Hi everyone! Been busy since our shoot last weekend, but here's a little update: Shoot went very well; we had a great cast and our small crew worked very hard to make our short days. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with us, so did what we could with the overcast day. Shortened some...
  16. Community Project

    Thanks Nick! That was useful to confirm what we were up to this morning. Classic Bay Area weather - sunny and beautiful all week, but come the weekend gray and overcast. Tomorrow looks to be the same. :lol:
  17. [Community Project] Cinematography

    Thanks CC, looking good!
  18. Community Project

    Yeah, very easy. I remember the conversation being referenced, but never found the actual details. So, for our pages this affects Louise's lines about being at art school "with a guy who was obsessed with ..." and that should now read "with a girl who was obsessed ..." Correct? Also, added...
  19. Community Project

    It's a good thought for style and setting the tone. Especially if we can manage to get several different languages/variations going as overlapping chatter. That would place nicely as a fade-out over our opening, imo.
  20. Community Project

    Apologies guys, but my attention is being pulled 7 ways from Sunday these days. (Packing to Move, Prepping to be on the road for a show for 2.5 weeks, and shooting this tomorrow/sun, about to drive to 4 different parts of the Bay area to pick-up gear). If there is something we need to know...