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  1. I'll be in La-La land in July.

    Hey So-Cal IT peeps. I'm invading your turf 7/6 - 7/21. Who's down for a beer/coffee? Drop me a PM!
  2. The Missing Picture Fascinating approach. Has anyone had a chance to see this doc?
  3. Need tips for capturing solid audio in extreme conditions

    Calling Alcove, APE, and all you other sound gurus out there! Mind taking a peek at what I am up to, and jotting down some of your thoughts? I could probably join and post on a more audio-centric site, and will be doing google...
  4. Dangerous Waters, Season 3 will feature the cinematography stylings of yours truly!

    Hi fine folks of IT! In what has to be one of the all time great "job that fell in my lap at the last minute" stories, I will be leaving for Inuvik, Canada on Friday morning to begin shooting season 3 of the show Dangerous Waters. From Inuvik we ride the Northwestern...
  5. interesting website Perhaps it was already posted, but interesting to see the breakdowns.
  6. Soderbergh on the "State of Cinema" at SFIFF

    Summarized here: Brief, but interesting read. Particularly the bits about fixed marketing costs, and lack of talent development at the studio level.
  7. Upstream Color Was just wondering what he might have been up to since Primer, should be making rounds soon. Screening here sold out. :(
  8. For those of you with features

    Found on my semi-routine CL trolling pass: In no way personally affiliated nor advocating, just passing along the info in case anyone from IT wants to run it up the flagpole.
  9. Iris Rod Standards Explained

    Very useful page that took me a while to re-find: Or at least useful if you are planning aks purchases. YMMV. ;)
  10. Gotham High :lol: Pretty clever.
  11. Fog/Smoke/Haze/Particulate that are not oil based?

    Hi IT, I have a couple of projects coming up where we need to use various levels of particulate/haze but cannot use anything that is oil based. One project is on location at an historic military residence, the other is a sound stage. Both locations have policies against the use of oil-based...
  12. Compositing suggestions: Duplicates of same actress in frame.

    Working out pre-production on a short at the moment where we may try to have our lead actress watching herself in scene. Curious to know if anyone has done something like this, and what suggestions, gotchas, on-set tips folks might have. I have a vague idea of how we could work it, and after...
  13. Branded

    Just saw the trailer for this. Can't freaking wait! However, early predictions that it does not do well in the U.S. :( I hope I am wrong, but I am .... less than optimistic.
  14. RIP Sergio :( Maybe not movie related, but we lost another great artist today all the same.
  15. Celtix Seeds

    Don't know much about the process, but dropping the link here in case we don't already have a thread on it.
  16. Moby Gratis Haven't checked it out, but I know where I'm looking for demo reel music in the near future.
  17. Really cool page that I need to read later (Femto Photography)

    And that others might enjoy. Can't give it more than a quick look and I want to read it later. :D Dropping it here because I am almost never on facebook, and it'll disappear from there long before I check it again.
  18. Why is it called a Century Stand?

    Because you could take an entire century and still not discover all of it's possible uses ... Props to the key grip and the gaffer for coming up with this one after we searched the campsite for something...
  19. City of El Cerrito Recycling Center Historical Film RFP

    RFP (request for proposal) deadline before the end of August 2011, check the link for exact dates. I am in no way shape manner or form affiliated with the City of El...
  20. The Mercury Men Finally out. Just watched the first episode over lunch. Awesome. :D