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  1. sfoster

    sales Selling a Script in Person

    Yeah I'm writing as much as I can. Wish I were faster. Maybe the second script will be faster than the first :) What will make me different from all the other scripts... well it was written by me. Thats what makes it different. Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and follow that...
  2. sfoster

    Hello, my name is Osman Corrales I am a Peruvian highschool student Living in Nicaragua. Im the director of the film.

    yeah a lot of us have experience with stretching the dollar... sometimes you have to look at what locations you have and then build a script around that.. its so much work to build a set and there is a lot of work to be done while making a film. more than enough work without the director having...
  3. sfoster

    New member

    I wish I had more mobility I would come check out the DC event
  4. sfoster

    movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Rewatched End Of the Tour about writer david foster wallace. Some really great dialogue in this film and it makes me want to read the novel Infinite Jest.
  5. sfoster

    Hello from New Hampshire

    there is something comforting about television if you can get a great show and just ride that out for 10 seasons it's a lot of comradery and job security but i digress.. story is everything!! great answer.
  6. sfoster

    Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome. What sort of film do you want to make in your dream job ?
  7. sfoster

    Tall-ish; Medium-build-ish; Talented-ish; Brit-ish

    Welcome! Reminds me of my favorite standup comedian deon cole from Blackish and Grownish
  8. sfoster

    sales Selling a Script in Person

    Not yet, it's only 1/3 of a script; it's still being written. But aiming for this next summer gives me a deadline and a goal to have it finished and polished by a date. I need some direction and hope in my life.
  9. sfoster

    Independent Filmmaker

    welcome, its great to see mo new members
  10. sfoster

    Software developer doing just enough video editing to get by

    youre not the only software guy here. editing has some similarities but i find it to be a lot more exhausting. i can write an effective, extensible class and move on to the next thing... but with editing i have to write that same 'class' 10 different times and explore a bunch of other different...
  11. sfoster

    plot Had an Idea I Can't Get Over

    Yeah I personally really enjoyed the series. The two men have know each other before the divorces, one of them knew they were gay already but was closeted, the other hadn't explored any of those feelings. So like i said there are some differences. but it explores a similar type of story...
  12. sfoster

    plot Had an Idea I Can't Get Over

    Your idea is not identical to the plot line in the Netflix Original Series "Insatiable" but there are a lot of similarities. You should watch it to research your competition :)
  13. sfoster

    sales Selling a Script in Person

    Real surfing but I've never done it. Going to try to learn to practice standing up on the 2ft waves on the east coast first
  14. sfoster

    sales Selling a Script in Person

    Well my goal next summer would be to spend a month in LA surfing and then try to pitch my script or get an agent. I could only have one full script written by that time and two treatments. but I know sometimes if a single script is good enough it can create a bidding war.
  15. sfoster

    logline LA Bites

    make the dog belong to raven and she gets murdered with deshawn and now people can root for the dog
  16. sfoster

    sales Selling a Script in Person

    I remember hearing something about how when youre in hollywood theres a script in the trunk of every car or youre never more than 30 feet from someones unpublished script.. i don't remember exactly what the saying was but the point was that there are scripts everywhere and people trying to sell...
  17. sfoster

    Wow this site looks different. It's been a minute.

    yeah i remember you too. im on the other side of the country though. best of luck with the fun short i'm sure you'll be back in the stressful embrace of big budget films in no time.
  18. sfoster

    pre-pro Your Next Project

    There's an old saying - No work, No food. You can't just sit around doing no work in the fields and then expect to eat. Same goes for emotional and mental nourishment. You say it doesn't come from labor or producing something youre proud of but i'm not some stoic figurehead that can live in...
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    pre-pro Your Next Project

    IDK what it would take for me to stop feeling so small and insignificant. That would be nice if one brilliant script did the job but i feel like the more realistic path is that you need like 5 scripts and then you can get an agent.
  20. sfoster

    pre-pro Your Next Project

    Hey why is brilliant in quotes 😄