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  1. What are you working on today? Community Blog

    Big or small! On a film shoot? Writing? Whatever! If you do something for your film, even something small, every day, it WILL get made! Eventually. ;) Let this blog help you. Don't procrastinate! Even something as small as proofreading or shopping for batteries counts. So what are YOU working...
  2. feature New! BLOGS!

    Journal your filmmaking process from pre, to post, and distro! New Blogs section:
  3. favorite What's your favorite movie of your least favorite genre?

    Yes, that's right! Your favorite movie of your least favorite genre!
  4. The username game

    Guess how a member got their username! I will start. @Alcove Audio So... what I picture is, you started your business from home and were forced to use an alcove in your home as your studio. How close am I? And are you still in the alcove? PS. Was it because the wife took the she shed? :lol:
  5. feature NEW! Dark Mode

    Dark Mode is now available in the footer selector or in your Preferences. ;)
  6. Beta testing a new video section.... post yours!

    Feel free to post your YouTube and Vimeo videos in this section, thanks!
  7. If you need a rock/hard rock song for a "story" music video...

    I am offering up the following 7 songs for you to do what you want with! WAV file will be provided. No band footage, so this will be short story or experimental style. You will own the video. Looking forward to see what you can do! Lyrics provided. PM me for info, here are the songs.
  8. movies Is this movie good?

    Ask if a movie is good that you have never seen. One you are considering checking out. Classic, new, whatever. Please, no shaming for not having seen movies! And no spoilers! Use these: I will start. Is Natural Born Killers good?
  9. Happy New Fear!

    My band released a new record today.
  10. Holiday Chat

    Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season! What you up to?
  11. feature Did you know? Quotes

    Did you know, if you want to quote only a portion of a post, you simply highlight it with your mouse (or finger) and click the Reply text that appears under it? Only the highlighted portion will appear as a quote in your composed post. The Quote is for multi-quoting like for when you want to...
  12. suggestion What do you want to see?

    Looking for new ideas on how to improve the site and your experience. Hit me!
  13. feature GIPHY is enabled in the editor as GIF

    Try it out here!
  14. feature Q&A enabled

    Questions are enabled in the relevant categories. Members can upvote and downvote the answers. The author can mark it resolved which will highlight the selected answer.
  15. industry NYC Film Production To Start Up
  16. announcement Server issue

    There was a server issue and if you are missing posts from yesterday unfortunately you will have to post again. This would go for private messages as well. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  17. top-list Worst movie TITLES

    Jack Reacher! WTF?????! Why do I want to see this? Who is Jack, what is he reaching for? Never seen it. Keep the list going!
  18. CovidTalk

    Here's the "I'm cooped up and feel like chatting" thread! IndieTalk is a community. We're here for each other. What's on your mind? Film related, current affairs... whatever!
  19. announcement The Official "Next Month" thread

    Indie of the Month is a success! We kicked off the IOTM with a couple simple ones. Trailer and Movie Poster. We'll eventually do some challenges where you make the film for IndieTalk. Must have this prop, be this genre, etc. But we'll also keep doing themes and genres for completed projects...
  20. misc Back online!

    We are back online. :)