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  1. screenplay Screenwriting from two different artistic perspectives to make a story

    Buy a screenwriting software like Final Draft. Read a book on formatting. It's not hard to get going. Yes things will be wrong but at least you will have it formatted. Correct paragraphs, slugs, dialogue, etc. The hard part is learning how to write "not" like a novel but you need to at least get...
  2. What are you working on today? Community Blog

    Relaxing weekend or working on something? ;)
  3. Looking for a writing mate, partner of similar age(18)

  4. Hi there!

  5. FAA Q, Michael Vick!

  6. Hello my friends

  7. Bucket Lists, Truffle Pigs, and Soundscapes


    Just the way it is. Like bands and their 5 farewell tours. And farewell... again lol.

    He works as an actor for a living. I'm glad he is able to work with all the ageism in Hollywood. Nothing wrong with writing a screenplay around age. So his bones creak, make it funny. Let him keep doing what he does!
  10. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Any updates?
  11. Hello!

  12. What are you working on today? Community Blog

    Big or small! On a film shoot? Writing? Whatever! If you do something for your film, even something small, every day, it WILL get made! Eventually. ;) Let this blog help you. Don't procrastinate! Even something as small as proofreading or shopping for batteries counts. So what are YOU working...
  13. IMpulse - An Experimental Short

    In a good way, reminds me of:
  14. feature New! BLOGS!

    I did it for @CamBlamo and @Nate North but hope others follow. :D
  15. feature New! BLOGS!

    Journal your filmmaking process from pre, to post, and distro! New Blogs section:
  16. Films Help Me Find Meaning

  17. Good evening from the UK!

  18. Hello everybody