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  1. pre-pro How true is this?

    Thanks so much, I appreciate your rambling :wait: due to the lockdown. This part here will really be taken seriously, because a friend of mine who is into filmmaking as a cinematographer said the same. He said something about actors taking advantage of me and might make a fool of me on set when...
  2. camera-dept What is camera do I use for a short

    Does Netflix work with short films
  3. camera-dept What is camera do I use for a short

    Hello guys. Now I am considering making a short and I am wondering what is the best camera to use. I own a Nikon D3300 dslr camera but I feel it is not qualified enough as I have also heard film festivals only consider films shot in 4k. I don't know how true it is. I need your guidance on...
  4. pre-pro How true is this?

    Thank you for your response and wisdom on this. I truly appreciate it
  5. pre-pro How true is this?

    Hey, thanks so much for this. I think this is the answer I was looking for. Working On People's projects. I can shoot, write and edit but the truth is I have never been on a film set working. Well, except for just watching what the rest are doing. Truth is, if I am able to follow this advice I...
  6. pre-pro How true is this?

    Yes I do
  7. pre-pro How true is this?

    So my goal for the year 2021 is to make a feature film. I have never done one before but I have a couple of ideas on how film works with the little experience I have in a media firm where I work full-time. So with my goal in mind, I asked a production manager on how best to go about making my...
  8. software Need alternate video editing tool

    Is there a reason you are not considering Adobe premiere pro
  9. Hi guys, I am new here

    Thanks guys
  10. Hi guys, I am new here

    I am new here. Just joined and I am excited to be here to learn, network and share all I know about filmmaking