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  1. back for the indietalk revamp

    Hey all! sooo I just got an email from the site that says, in part: So what's the skinny? What's changing? Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. watch Gift Thread - 2014 IT Secret Santa

    Not sure if I'll get a chance to post tomorrow or Christmas Day, so I guess I'll kick off the giving now! Merry Christmas, !!!! I hope you like it :D :D

    After several months and over 30 awesome poster designs, I'm closing my fiverr gig and launching a new website for poster design. As always, feedback is welcome :) I'm still offering reasonable rates (and an IndieTalk discount, of course) so GET IN TOUCH NOW and I'll...
  4. Stills Share II

    Thought I'd start a new thread as the old one was up to ten pages (yikes). Soooo, my T2i came today. I've been playing around with it, here's a couple stills. Feedback welcome :) "Selfie Portrait." Kit lens wide open. Did some post processing on this one...
  5. Encinema 35mm Adapter I'm finally the proud owner of a DSLR!!! As such I won't be needing my trusty 35mm adapter anymore. Price is $180 or best offer. If you have any questions, ask away! Thanks :)
  6. CC Practice

    So I've got a lot of free time on my hands since moving to a new city and I've got it into my head to learn something new with all that spare time. I figured why not color correction. I'd love to practice on a wide variety of footage so if anyone would be comfortable with emailing me a take of...
  7. Changing aspect ratio mid-film

    I saw this and thought it was pretty cool. From the Hunger Games 2 bluray. At the point when the games start and the film changes tone they slowly switch from 2:35.1 to 1.78:1 Apparently if you saw the film in IMAX, you've already seen the switch...
  8. The difference marketing can make

    These are both the exact same film. I didn't make the graphic but I thought it was pretty interesting...
  9. watch Stockholm Santa

    Well, we're way past festival time for this baby so I thought I'd finally share it more publicly with you guys. This is a short I made a little while back. Notable IndieTalk collaborators include Ernest Worthing as DP, Cracker Funk as Editor, Audio Post Expert as (you guessed it) Audio Post...
  10. watch Tree Trimming Timelapse

    At the excellent suggestion of a Mr. Ernest P. Worthington, I took a video and turned it into a poor-man's 'timelapse.' This was this last Saturday, Sean and I went out and chopped down a fresh christmas tree, and this is us putting it up and decorating it! There were some technical...
  11. Honest Feedback on prodco website

    If any of you guys have a minute, I'd love some honest feedback on the site I've been working on. I haven't coded it yet, this is just a design concept. The only pages missing are the individual film pages which will be reached by clicking on the posters on the 'Films' page. They will include...
  12. Poster for Your Film

    I've been putting together my new website and in the process have been having a blast making posters for all my films. So I thought I'd throw up a gig on Fiverr offering to make yours too! For only $5 I'll design and produce a one-sheet style minimalist poster for your short or feature film...
  13. Creating the illusion of more people.

    I've got a shoot coming up this Tuesday, it's basically a 50's style horror B-movie trailer that will play between features at a horror festival coming up this fall here in Chicago. The concept is our 'monster'(The Man Without a Face) shows up at a party and terrorizes everyone/their faces start...
  14. Thought you guys might like this tumblr I found :lol:
  15. Stockholm Santa gets it's first review

    Pretty short on subjective analysis, but still nice to have. Check it out! And more to come, hopefully!
  16. Oscar Picks

    Uncharacteristically for me, I've seen quite a few of the nominees, so I filled out a ballot with my personal picks plus my predictions on who will win. Please share yours, too!
  17. Django Unchained/Blazing Saddles Mash-up

    Good stuff :)
  18. watch Gift Thread - Secret Santa III

    The posting period is open! I'll just leave this right here...
  19. Secret Santa 2012

    In keeping with the holiday tradition started by a certain IT member who shall remain nameless but who I will refer to from here on out as Mr. Nick Clapper, it's time for IndieTalk Secret Santa III! For those of you who don't know how it works: Step One: Sign up by replying to the thread in...
  20. Awesome commercial for Netherlands Film Academy

    Seriously. It's just perfect. Check it out. (NSFW)