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  1. streaming Amazon Prime Finally Provides a Much Needed Feature It Lacked

    It looks like Amazon Prime finally got a Continue Watching category to help me keep track of films I may still want to finish. Blessed be.
  2. misc Weapon Props for The Witcher

    Awesome video about Medieval weapon props from an awesome channel.
  3. misc MasterClass Online Classes

    I couldn't help but notice a number of directors, actors, and writers advertised for it. If you watch much YouTube, you've probably seen these ads too. Any thoughts about this product? Has anyone bought/taken/watched one? If so, do you have a review or opinion on it? Was it worth the money...
  4. actors R.I.P. Max Von Sydow

    For More Than 60 Years, in Roles Great and Small, Actor Max von Sydow Brought Greatness, Humanity and Spirit One of my favorite actors. Sad to see him go. :/ Thanks for the memories.
  5. fx Rick Baker

    Lord, they were so young when they made American Werewolf in London too! Amazing. But damn; benzene??? arsenic??? Seems like such a nice guy. Good interview.
  6. misc Infrasound

    I only recently got wind of this. I heard some little blurb about Paranormal Activity using this—infrasound. Hmmmm. Oh reallyyy? On the one hand, I felt violated. I am an unbeliever. I am not superstitious. I don't believe in demons or ghosts or whatever. And yet, this film had me on edge...
  7. directors Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie on Joe Rogan. Quite enjoyed this. They're both so charming, and the interview is pretty much a love letter to film and pop culture, perhaps more for those of us of an older vintage. I found it possibly inspirational. And I like that he's okay with not making blockbusters or...
  8. movies Joker

    MCU? Blah. This? Oh yeah. This looks far more interesting. I'm definitely teased. Does the look of the Final Trailer have more than a passing similarity to Dark Knight, like I think it does? Like similar color correction or something? That's a nice touch to sink it firmly in the Batman world...
  9. actors Rest in Peace Rutger Hauer & Rip Torn :/

    Rutger Hauer. What an icon. Sad his era has come to a close. :/ Rutger Hauer, 'Blade Runner' Actor, Dies at 75 Rip Torn. I just loved him in Defending Your Life. Rip Torn, Artie the Producer on 'The Larry Sanders Show,' Dies at 88
  10. Motivational

    Things I've been watching lately. I don't necessarily want to advocate or promote these ideas. But at the least, I think they are food for thought, as well as moving. Apply them at your own risk. ***
  11. RIP Bernardo Bertolucci
  12. Amazon Studios

    Did you get this email? Does this affect anyone here? What do you think of it?
  13. Gear Porn

    Gear goodness.
  14. Soderbergh

    This is fun! IndieWire: Steven Soderbergh Says He’s Done Directing Studio Movies and Wants to Only Shoot on iPhones — Sundance 2018
  15. favorite Favorite Scenes/Sequences Ever

    Warning: spoilers are inevitable. Proceed at your own risk. What are your favorite scenes or sequences of film and why? What moved you, made you laugh, made you love, made you hate, made you cry, made you shiver, made you gasp, made you fear, made you think, made you crazy, made you...
  16. music What are you listening to right NOW!
  17. The Problem with Movies

    …is they have such power to move you.
  18. 5D Memory Crystal holding up to 360 Terabytes Could Last Billions of Years

    Blog.DiscoverMagazine.Com: ‘Superman’ Memory Crystals Could Survive Billions of Years 5D 'Superman memory crystal' heralds unlimited lifetime data storage Nothing I found explicitly mentions using this to archive films, except perhaps the comment about YouTube. But I'm...
  19. "Star Kart - Star Wars + Mario Kart" Fun
  20. The Coen Brothers

    Variety: How the Coen Brothers Survived Hollywood and Lived to Make ‘Hail, Caesar!’