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  1. Hooror Film Short Film Contest

    Vimeo is partnering with Lionsgate to do a short film contest to celebrate the DVD release of Cabin in the Woods. Winner gets $10 to make a film. Sounds good.
  2. Panasonic GH3 is here

    For you GH2 nuts, I came across this reveal for the GH3. Looks like a step up from the GH2!
  3. Can fight choreography be copyrighted?

    I saw some cool fight scenes online and was wondering if I can use the same 'moves."
  4. Amazing short film I came across

    Saw this a few days ago. Thought I'd share it with people who might care. It is based off a Video game called "Ghost Recon" (which was actually a pretty good game) Great action, great cinematography and effects. I think it's worth a watch.
  5. CS6 finally released Looks pretty sweet.
  6. Site for downloading FREE sound effects

    Finalcutking on youtube launched a new sound effects site. Its got a decent collection already.
  7. Have you seen this?

    I saw the trailer for this. Its a low/no budget short made by the Film Riot guys. I love movies like this.
  8. Final cut pro x got updated

    Just saw this, I think they've addressed most, if not all of the issues "pro" editors were complaining about. What do you guys think?
  9. Act of Valor

    Just saw a trailer of this on youtube. I found out (by the filmriot guys) that most if not all of the movie is shot on Canon DSLRs. And looking at the trailer, I would have thought it was shot on something much more expensive. Pretty interesting eh? Trailer...
  10. Sony's new announcements

    What do you guys think of the new cameras Sony announced today? VG20
  11. Greatest Advancement in Communications and Information Technology?

    What do you think is the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last 10 years? This may sound like an essay topic, and that's because it is. Its for a scholarship and I can't think of something that's actually a great advancement yet not super...
  12. Need help with tripod shopping

    I'm looking for a tripod, and have this one in mind. I haven't filmed anything with it, but I have messed around with its adjustments. Its very sturdy (as far as I can tell), and can reach a height of 71.5" (when the pipe...
  13. Make your phone look like a super 8 camcorder!

    I came across this app for the iphone. I think it also works on android. Pretty cool stuff
  14. Do you guys have a second job?

    I'm sure at least some of you are very established filmmakers and making movies is your full time career. But for the rest, I'm guessing making movies doesn't provide a stable enough income right? So do you guys have second jobs? Or is filmmaking your second job? I'm still very young and just...
  15. New Macbook Pros are here! They seem pretty cool, though a bit overpriced as usual. I am slightly disappointed at the lack of a standard SSD, and why exactly is the 15" only 2.0 ghz? The old version cam standard at 2.4.. The new Thunderbolt port and Sandy Bridge chip are good stuff...
  16. Story from a novel?

    Hi, I was reading a fictional novel and in the story, the protagonist finds a news article under his mattress. The story that was in that news article seems like a great idea for a short film. I'm just wondering if I can use that story without special permission. I'm assuming the news...
  17. Headphone Recommendation?

    Hey guys, I am in the market for a nice pair of over-ear headphones for listening to music and editing. I will not use this for sound monitoring, but for editing sound, syncing, and just listening to videos.) My budget is anything under $300. I was looking into the Beats Studio headphones but...
  18. Canon XA10 vs Canon HF S21

    I made a topic a little while back asking if the HFS21 was a good choice. It seemed like it was, though now upgraded versions of those cameras have come out. I was looking at the specs of different cameras and came down to the two in the topic title. I just need someone to do a comparison of...
  19. Ideas for production company name?

    I don't have a production company; whatever short films I end up making in the near future, it'll probably be just me doing the work, with a friends as actors/crew. However I do see a lot of amateur filmmakers who use an original name. I want to have an intro with a decent name I'll use for my...
  20. Slow motion effect

    I was watching The Other Guys a couple weeks ago and a particular scene stuck with me. I just thought it looked like a cool effect and I'm wondering how its done? Could someone explain the technique to me? Thanks. :)