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  1. misc how much should I charge for writing a short script?

    Hi guys I got someone asking how much I would charge for writing a short script (30 mins) based on his idea... 🤷‍♂️ I sold short scripts before, but this is the first time someone asks me to write one from scratch based on their idea? Does anyone have any experience with this and can give me...
  2. logline Drama logline. Some feedback appreciated.

    In a small Italian town, Andrea is forced to patch up a relationship with his grumpy dying father, while his brother Rosario struggles to confess to their hyper-catholic mother his homosexuality. Trying to look at it with an objective eye, I don't think it's clear the age of the brothers in...
  3. misc Four completed scripts. Is it time to look for representation?

    Hi guys So far I have four completed feature scripts (2X Drama, 1X Action/Drama, 1X Thriller/Drama), one 20 page treatment for another idea (Action/Comedy) and I am writing my 5th feature (Comedy/Drama). I am aware of the value of getting a good placement in some respected competitions, which...
  4. Camera Operator aspiring Screenwriter/Director here!

    Hello everyone! as the title suggests, I am a camera operator whose final goal is to transition into screenwriting/directing. Glad to join the indietalk family :)