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  1. Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    Recently Amazon has been removing titles from its platform without a clear explanation of why. All of the titles are independent and vary in quality. Does anyone know what's going on? Two of the three titles that I produced were removed. One of them had technical issues with the aspect...
  2. watch Marty : A Wild West Neverland

    Marty - A Wild West Neverland is an adventure-fantasy set in a world inhabited by only kids. Marty and Dee cross paths with the ruthless One-Eyed Johnny and the Krimson Kids where they experience the harsh realities of tyranny and violence in the West. I'm so excited that this film where my son...
  3. Roku Channels - Who Owns Them?

    On my Roku, there are three channels "Watch Free Flix" Horror Hall" and "Sci-Fi Station" that show generally low budget films with a lot of commercials. They're very much like Crackle and Viewster. Does anyone know who owns them? It seems like they would be lucrative venues for showing feature...
  4. Audio - Cold with Echo? - How To Make Better

    This clip was recorded with a Sennheiser ME 66 and a Zoom H4N on location in a room with a laminate floor. While it is clear, there is a problem that I’m not sure how to describe properly. I think it’s cold and has echo? How would I make it better with Final Cut Pro X? Any thoughts or...
  5. Killed By Klowns

    My original intent was to use this scene as an opening to a feature film. But my son who stars in it grew and I never got around to shooting the feature. At least not yet.
  6. AIRBNB for locations?

    My big obstacle is always acquiring locations. Has anyone used Airbnb to find places to shoot? Were you upfront about what you wanted to do? Do the owners come around often when you rent? Could you shoot, and they wouldn't be any wiser if you had a small cast and crew?
  7. Name This Horror Movie - Help!

    I saw this movie on either Netflix, Horror Hall, or Watch Movies Free Off my Roku, but can't find it again. It's driving me crazy because I loved it but it didn't have any name actors. Here's a basic description: A woman from South America works in a restaurant in New York (?) to send money...
  8. Playhouse of Cards - Check it out

    Check out this web series Playhouse of Cards where my son Jonah Hwang is one of the leads. It’s a parody of the Netflix House of Cards. My son plays Doug Stamper and his very good friend Reid Miller plays the Kevin Spacey role.
  9. Superboy : The Tween Years

    Here is a short fan film I produced that stars my son Jonah Hwang and actress Madison Mae.
  10. Outcall: My Latest Feature

    My latest feature Outcall is now available on Amazon as a VOD. It's a supernatural thriller about a family man who is haunted by the ghost of a murdered escort that he met online. I made it for about a thousand dollars. If anyone has questions, especially anyone who is contemplating making a...
  11. For Sale: Low Budget Noir Thriller Screenplay - Feature

    I have a screenplay called Incall a very low budget thriller about a family man that finds himself in the middle of a blackmail plot when he visits an escort but accidentally kills her pimp. PM me if you are interested in seeing it. I wrote it to produce myself but I'm weary of making no budget...