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  1. pre-pro Novice producer has compensation question (A-List actor project)

    Are "offset" and "overhead" exclusions by production companies (lead producer) re: other producers?
  2. Finance & Packaging meeting- BigBoyz

    Hi all. I stumbled into a producer role on a white-hot A+ writer's script. I worked my way into what I thought was going to be a meeting to attach a talent I was after. Turns out the Head of Indy Finance & Packaging at this mega agency read the script and is set to be at our upcoming...
  3. This is your future knocking. Open the door.

    Hello all. Look closer. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is solid gold real. I'll answer any and all questions. I'm a hard-working earnest person. Read the entire post and it will speak for itself. Thanks for the look. I found a partner. The deal is down. Cheers.
  4. how to contact admin?

    Hi. My message mailbox is not sending out. It registers the incoming but does not store the outgoing--- and most outgoing never make it to destination member. How to contact admin? Please and thank you all!!