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  1. diy Failed Projects

    So, I want to hear everyone's horror stories about projects that took a nose dive and never happened or if they did, turned in to the farthest thing from the original idea. Sometimes projects just never take off and that's fine but it's the ones that you put the blood, sweat and tears in to...
  2. watch Horror Filmmaking

    I see a lot of talented people on this site daily from all different skill bevels and genres but I haven't seen too much horror. I know it may be tacky to some but just figured I would throw up a flag and see if anyone else is interested in horror filmmaking and what makes a good horror movie...
  3. Old dog back for new tricks!

    Hey! I'm an old member, back after a long time and just looking to connect with my fellow filmmakers!
  4. watch Regular Dudes episode 1

    Here's the first episode of the comedy Web series I work on called Regular Dudes. Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks!