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    I agree! Too much CGI in the last one, hope this latest sequel doesn't commit the same mistake! I thought about this as well, Harrison Ford is definitely an actor that never surrenders. Do you guys think Shia LaBeouf will be in it?
  2. Quick Introduction

    Hi there! Welcome!! It would be awesome to listen to some of your music!

    I'm honestly not sure if I'm or I'm not excited about it, I have to say! Indiana Jones was my favorite trilogy as a kid, went to see the fourth film dressing as him even hahaha, but as I grew up I understood why many people didn't like it, and my first "but" is CGI. I think the fourth movie...

    Nice project! I love how the footage came looking like with the MV-1! Best of wishes on your campaign!
  5. Hey, Glad To Be Here Among "True" Film Fans!

    Hi Ben, welcome! 20 years making films?? Sounds like a lot of time! Would definitely love to see some of your work!
  6. story Don't have characters discuss what we just saw (unless they add something new)

    Nice point! I usually try to have characters discussing stuff that either we're going to see, or we're watching right now. For example: when someone speaks about a past action and we see it while he narrates, by means of a flashback. I'm going to relate this to John Wick, is the first example...
  7. Commercialization

    Part of the evolution! That "how bad I used to be" reminded me of my first video ever done with VFX... as I said, evolution! 🤪
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to the team! Tried to DM you but for some reason I can't, maybe you don't have them open? Email me if you want to share personal work! You'll meet awesome people here! 😁
  9. feature Did you know? Quotes

    I had to read this one several times before answering on my Terminator post... thank you!!!
  10. A Terminator Trailer I did for Adobe!

    Alright, I think I finally learnt how to use this Quote thing and not answering one by one... Thanks a lot! It's kinda the thing I do the most, so I knew exactly how I would do it as soon as I heard from this contest! Kinda my bad that I didn't read the full rules... never has happened again...
  11. A Terminator Trailer I did for Adobe!

    Some years ago Adobe created a contest where you had to create your own trailer for the latest Terminatior movie. The main prize was $10,000 and a projection of your job in Adobe's offices. Great opportunity! Well... I got the first place, but Spain wasn't included in the contest and I didn't...
  12. 2021 Demo Reel

    I can see you've filmed a lot of cool stuff! I've stalked you a bit on Vimeo, and I actually think I saw your "Kushtaka" short film like a year ago! It's a small world, right? Keep all that work up!
  13. website Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    It would be awesome if you provided a logo, so that it can be added as well!
  14. Dave's Beer (film shot in 15 seconds)

    Wow, that's an experience! You have a great camera, dude!
  15. Dave's Beer (film shot in 15 seconds)

    Wait - do you own a Red Epic M? 😮
  16. video Is this editing?

    I'm honestly confused about this thread since the very first post.
  17. "Kiliam City" - 2 minutes Cyberpunk Short

    Wow! I definitelly wish I could make 127 million views out of a couple of stock assets! Hahahaha. The video is not really my kind of style, but hey I guess it's hard to constantly be dropping genuine stuff!
  18. "CYNTHIA" - 2 minutes Short Film!

    Thanks a lot! The score was created just for this movie, so I'm glad to mentioned it!!
  19. website A New Site with Free Music for Your Projects

    Dude, I just checked out your page, this is amazing!! I hardly can believe someone actually uploaded all those tracks for free. Your page is definitely saved in my filmmaking list! Great work, thanks for sharing it!
  20. "CYNTHIA" - 2 minutes Short Film!

    Disclaimer!! (I'm the only one who constantly needs to write this, right? Sorry about my traumas!) So I was tired of always editing for everybody and never being able to work as a Director, so I created this short film that doesn't even have dialogue: "Cynthia". I focused myself on getting a...