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  1. story ‘Toy Story 3’ Screenwriter Michael Arndt Teaches How To Write A Pixar Movie In This Free 70-Minute Lecture

    “Toy Story 3: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned,” a brilliant breakdown of the craft of Pixar-style storytelling, is now available as a video online. Watch it here.
  2. character Let Your Characters Breathe -- Cockroach Races

    Good article for writers on BookBaby... Just thought I'd share: Exit Your Narrative Structure And Let Your Characters Breathe Also converted it into a PDF in case you want a copy you can peruse anytime... Quentin Tarantino takes this technique to new levels.
  3. misc Wanna Make a Movie?

    Just got a newsletter from Lawrence Block. If you do NOT know who Lawrence Block is? Check him out here. He gave me the link to the actual newsletter so I could share here: WANNA MAKE A MOVIE? This COULD be one hell of an OPPORTUNITY for someone. Enjoy!
  4. story Outpost 217

    Just read your first chapter... Couldn't reply in the other thread since it's now closed... LOL. I think this has potential and it's well written. There's really nothing to rip it apart about especially since it's a first draft. About the only thing that stuck out at me personally was the use of...
  5. misc Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    *DISCLAIMER: I use CAPITALIZATION for EMPHASIS - not shouting. As @indietalk pointed out in another thread, we have some extremely knowledgable members here that I think can answer ANY question about screenwriting that any of you may have. I think it would be great if we kept the thread going...
  6. off-topic What's the scariest thing you've found in a photo after taking it?

    This was just taken over the summer, I had ordered some new sunglasses and needed an opinion before I committed to a pair...
  7. off-topic She Slept The Longest

    In 2012, Li Xiufeng who was then 95 was declared dead by her villagers after several attempts to wake her failed...
  8. tv RIP, Great Pumpkin

    Streaming service essentially kills Peanuts Halloween special, an American keepsake
  9. misc Jim Cummings on the Future of Indie Film, Working with Robert Forster, and Recording His Movies as Podcasts

    If you pay attention to American indie films, Cummings has carved out a career the past decade as producer and actor, and now directing his own movies.
  10. camera Emmanuel Lubezki Hails iPhone 12 with New Short: ‘The Next Great Cinematographer’ Will Use This

    A short film made by Emmanuel Lubezki on the iPhone 12 Pro
  11. misc Old school writing lessons

    Eavesdropping on David Mamet’s Quick Masterclass at All That Matters 2020
  12. misc The Filmmaker’s Path For Getting an Agent

    “Got Agent?”: One of the most popular panels in Cine Gear Expo
  13. misc How to write a film production industry resume

    Regardless of your location, film production resume designs follow the same approach. These documents usually require sections that highlight different aspects of your resume. Before you go online looking for your dream job, your production resume needs to be spot on.
  14. off-topic Mysterious seeds from China are showing up in Southern California mailboxes

    No one knows why the seeds are showing up in mailboxes in 27 states or what they are, CNN reported. The packets arrive unsolicited and have Chinese characters on the packaging.
  15. diy Searching for an Independent Distribution Strategy Amidst Pandemics and Streaming Wars

    The script opens as rural teen Rosie, mourning the first anniversary of her younger sister’s death, discovers the mysterious man who sexploited and bullied her sister to commit suicide is back online and trolling for new victims.
  16. misc Independent Films, TV Shows Facing Difficulties Insuring Productions

    Insurers have largely stopped covering independent film and television productions against the risk of COVID-19 illness, a shift that threatens the supply of new entertainment in 2021, Hollywood producers, insurers and industry experts said.
  17. misc Empathy machines: what will happen when robots learn to write film scripts?

    AI is on the march in the movie industry – but what would an android-written film actually look like? And will it be any good?