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  1. website Why do you think film music is important?

    I'd like to hear your thoughts! Personally, I think it is because of the way music can help in storytelling. I recently wrote this article about it. It might just inspire some of you! Any feedback is very welcome :)

    Makes a lot of sense, thanks again for sharing :)
  3. Where to find free music?

    Definitely true. Just look for music you want to use on Youtube. A lot of composers on there (like me) will give permission to use their music for credits in a lot of situations. Same goes for just using Google and searching for the kind of music you'd like. If you're into horror btw, you're...

    That's awesome, some really nice old school elements in there. Thank you for sharing man!
  5. Whats is your best place to go when choosing free music for your projects?

    There are tons of places to go, a lot of less well known composers make at least part of their library available for (free) licensing. If you're into horror, click to find my Horror music
  6. Free to use, royalty free creepy music

    Hi everyone! I've got a few horror/thriller songs that you are free to use in your films! They're posted on this page, hope this helps!
  7. Need horror or thriller music?

    Looking for music for your new horror film, thriller story or otherwise in need of a bit of music to convey the darkness to your audience? I'm a filmcomposer specialised in Horror music. Please consider this my demo reel:
  8. Looking for Royalty Free Horror / Thriller Tracks for your film?

    Hi Filmmakers, Are any of you currently looking for royalty free horror/thriller music tracks to use in your film? I just finished this track which can be used in any film, even commercially! All I ask in return is to be credited for the track as Marc v/d Meulen...
  9. Looking for music for your horror or thriller?

    Hi filmmakers! My name is Marc v/d Meulen, a composer specialized in Horror and Thriller music. I use a lot of guitar (both acoustic and electric) and viola (a darker brother of the violin) in my cinematic music alongside synths and custom sound design to make music that is very well suited to...
  10. Looking for something special for the soundtrack of your movie?

    HI Filmmakers, In collaboration with vocalist Mylène van den Weijer I'm planning to make Some songs in a similar style to this song: But we'd like to link upcoming songs to your movies! It means you've got something special to use in any way you like (Trailer...
  11. Looking for music to make your film even better?

    Hi Filmmakers, Looking for high quality cinematic music to enhance your film? My name is Marc and I'd love to help you out. Together we'll come up with a score we'll both be truly happy about. For a quick sample of my musical style, please look right here...
  12. Looking for music that makes your film stand out from the crowd?

    Hi Filmmakers, Every great story deserves a great soundtrack. Music that puts your viewers in the right mood without distracting from the story. A soundtrack that your audience will immediately associate with your film. My name is Marc v/d Meulen, and making that soundtrack for your next...
  13. Looking For Music For Your Film?

    Hi Filmmakers, Are you looking for an orginal score for your movie? My name is Marc v/d Meulen and I am a film music composer. If you're interested, please visit my webpage made especially for you guys to get to know me and my work: I look forward to hearing...
  14. Looking for Music for your Film?

    Then I'd love to help you out! My name is Marc v/d Meulen, a composer from the Netherlands. I've made a special page on my website for filmmakers with excerpts, testimonials from other filmmakers and my demo reel: Don't hestitate to contact me about your...
  15. Looking for music for your film?

    Hello Film Makers! My name is Marc v/d Meulen, and I am a music composer. If you're looking for music, I might be able to help out. My music can be listened to at my website: I'd like to hear from you!
  16. Do you need a composer for your film?

    Dear Filmmaker, My name is Marc v/d Meulen and I am an aspiring composer. I'm currently looking for (short) films that need music. For an example of my music you can listen to my demo reel at my website: I've done other films in the past, excerpts of which can also be...
  17. Music Composer looking for work

    Looking for music for your (short) movie? I'd love to help out! I am a dutch music composer who really likes to work together to make te perfect regarding the music for your film. I do both traditional film music and film music with symphonic metal influences, whichever you like best. My work...
  18. Composer available, specialized in Horror/Thriller/Fantasy

    Hello Filmmakers, My name is Marc v/d Meulen and I am a film composer with a special interest for horror, thriller and fantasy films. Do you have a project that needs scoring? then I'd like to hear from you! Listening samples can be found at my website: Please...
  19. Need music for your film?

    Sfoster: Thank you!
  20. Need music for your film?

    If so, I'd gladly help out! I'm Marc v/d Meulen, a music composer from the Netherlands. Instead of trying to describe my music in words i'd rather like it if you would take the time to listen to my work: