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  1. pre-pro New Financing Plan for Short Film

    Simply work with colleagues - people you trust.
  2. pre-pro New Financing Plan for Short Film

    Years ago I started shooting a short (based on a feature script), then after a few days shooting we all realized it was going so well it was better to spend the energy and make a feature instead. It took years, but we did it. For most of us here we'll all be lucky if we make 1 feature film in...
  3. pre-pro New Financing Plan for Short Film

    Yup, don't forget your marketing budget. These days it's possible to find people will multiple skills - a CGI artist who also wants to edit, a DP who insists on doing the CC - as you yourself are, a one-man band.
  4. pre-pro New Financing Plan for Short Film

    For me that's a hell of a lot of money for a short - particularly as your investors wouldn't see a penny back in all probability. You say you want everyone to get something, but investors would end up losing it all. Unless the money is all yours and you've enough not to care about losing it...
  5. animation Animation journey

    I have to agree with sfoster here - you need to add room tone. Particularly easy for a sci-fi like yours - a slight hum or droning sound would work. But your film is crying out for this very simple addition/fix.
  6. The New Kid on the block.

    So what sorts of films do you like - eras, directors, titles, genres, editors etc... And what type of scripts are you writing currently?
  7. movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Some filmmakers are like that. You listen to them talk and think, wow that's great advice, their films must be wonderful. Then you watch one of their films and wonder why they didn't take their own advice.
  8. First

    Just email at
  9. misc Why Do You Make Films?

    I agree 100% about the family aspect - it's something I've only ever felt when shooting a film. As a side note I love Kubrick's work too (though mainly his earlier work). Just don't replicate his willingness to take credit for things he never did! - lol
  10. Strange times - easier to make movies harder to make money from them

    Not really sure what you mean when you say indie. Real indie (i.e. most people here, and films with around zero budgets) or just an off-shoot of a major or corporation? Regardless, in today's market the only successful (i.e. being able to make a full-time living) directors I know who are indie...
  11. movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Often the stories about Herzog's films, and what compels him to make those films is far more interesting than the films themselves. He's great on camera. Case in point, the documentary on the making of FITZCARRALDO, BURDEN OF DREAMS (1982). I do find the clip of Herzog talking about the jungle...
  12. misc Why Do You Make Films?

    Just watched both trailers. They look like solid movies, beautifully shot and performed.
  13. Strange times - easier to make movies harder to make money from them

    The big difference now is that all those films came out in very different times, times when making large amounts (or even any amount) of money from indie films was still possible. And some of those mentioned, were only successes after the involvement of major studios and the marketing...
  14. misc Why Do You Make Films?

    You're absolutely right, the answer is to finish what you started. Doesn't matter if it takes you 10 years, just eventually get it finished. Not having the luxury of someone else paying for your film's production (like a regular Hollywood or major-indie film) means most of us have to finish our...
  15. misc Why Do You Make Films?

    You are the very definition of a success. You've made something - well actually 2! So belated congratulations. That's something a lot of people dream about, but most never achieve. And you've achieved it twice! As I was taught by my good friend Marc Zicree, most people fail for one simple reason...
  16. misc Why Do You Make Films?

    Was wondering what motivates everyone here to actually make movies? What inspired you? Why do you do it? What do you expect from it once the film has been finished? Interesting to hear from everyone.
  17. diy Searching for an Independent Distribution Strategy Amidst Pandemics and Streaming Wars

    Just read the article. It's another classic case of "indie filmmaker learning about distribution" class 101. The more people understand the realities of the current face of indie distribution, the more they'll hopefully not lose money or at least understand what they're getting involved in. And...
  18. off-topic CovidTalk

    Then... (and this should come as no surprise to anyone) he was seen at a fundraising event at his Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., not wearing a mask and not social distancing.
  19. off-topic CovidTalk

    You're wrong on several pints. The fundamental purpose of capitalism is the private ownership of capital. Whether or not that is an "efficient use of capital" is neither here nor there with regards to the concept of capitalism. And is up for debate. The purpose of capitalism isn't. Secondly, as...
  20. First

    Sure. Would love to see it and give you any feedback.