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  1. Guns

    :huh: I'm going to start filming an action movie this weekend and I need to know where to find guns for my film. I really don't even know what to get. Real guns? Fake guns? Anything that looks realistic is fine with me. I just need to know where to find good prices on these types of props.
  2. Camera Decisions

    I'm a newbie and I need some advice on cameras. I have a Canon camera, but my friends all tell me I should by a Sony. Am I going on the right track? Or do you guys think I should buy a Sony?
  3. Spoof Wars

    Let me know if anyone thinks this script is funny. The main idea is that it is a spoof of Star Wars and the villian is a girl called Darlavader. Oh ya, my screenplay help thread got messed up cause my computer if you were wondering.
  4. Hello out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey! I'm a beginner in the film world and I was wondering if anyone new if there was any good editing software out there.