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  1. gossip David (Darth Vader) Prowse's items to be auctioned off.

    He had an British accent, so they had to get James Earl Jones to dub the lines. Many of the items would be of interesting historical significance.
  2. misc Low-budget LOTR from Russia.

    I respect low-budget filmmakers, for their heroic attempts to tell their stories in their medium. And this version of the Lord of the Rings was from the 1990's, when the Soviet Union was about to collapse.
  3. actors Who're the next generation actors?

    OK, for us oldies, Captain von Trapp is gone, and so have many others of our generation or before. Who are the next up-and-coming Shakespearan actos that we should be watching for, especially those who will be in my (ahem) hypothetical science fiction movie.
  4. gossip RIP Christopher Plummer

    William Shatner was his understudy in theatre, apparently, and Plummer was a good General Chang. May he continue acting in the great theatre in the sky.
  5. news George Clooney produces his SF epic.

    It's shot in Iceland, and it is a story of an Arctic researcher in a dying Earth, trying to warn a spacecraft of the current situation. The article is an interesting read, though I wonder why they couldn't have shot it on a nearby mountain where there's lots of snow.
  6. vfx "Gods of Mars" uses video game Unreal engine.

    Interesting, but it doesn't seem as realistic as creating sets. And, as I understand, actors may not work as well with green screens and virtual sfx as they do if they were at a real set.
  7. dialogue How do you write dialogue?

    Hello everyone, I posted a thread on ethnic characters, and I also read the one on the characters speaking in foreign languages in a sci-fi short. I write clearly, and plain English is better than flowery prose - as Isaac Asimov noted, creating transparent glass is far harder than making...
  8. news Female Bond?

    Maybe, maybe not. Reading the article, it seems she will inherit Bond's mantle while Bond goes into exile or retirement. This seems like a trial balloon, so, depending on the public reaction, she may turn out to be 008 while 007 is away, like Supergirl and Superman.
  9. character How do you write an ethnic character?

    Hello everyone, I think Theodore Sturgeon said that science fiction was populated by a preponderance of American characters, so even those with exotic names tend to act and speak like Americans. Anyway, I'm fascinated by ethnic characters, such as the Irish and the Italians in "The...
  10. news Netflix' show, "Cuties" could be child porn.

    The streaming service's show is creating a news storm, and many subscribers are cancelling it. The company, however, is not backing off, defending it as a social commentary.
  11. series I'm watching Cobra Kai

    I'm watching the series on Netflix, and it's a spin off from the Karate Kid movies of the 1980's. I especially liked how the producers brought back as many of the old cast as possible, including the extras from before. It's not just a martial arts show, like the movies, and it has a comedic...
  12. acting Blade Runner - Rutger Hauer's final scene.

    Everyone, I was digging around, and I came across a reference to the final scene when the Replicant, played by Rutger Hauer, gave his death speech, of how his memories would disappear like tears in the rain. Apparently, that scene has become iconic, which is news to me. Can anyone say anything...
  13. industry Asimov's Foundation series coming to Apple TV.

    I'm a fan of Asimov, so woo hoo! I'm more and more convinced this is the approach I should take, as a Writer Executive Producer, as opposed to a director or producer.
  14. off-topic Movies that deal with high finance.

    There are very few movies that deal with the intricacies of high finance, and even novels often don't deal with that. I did a quick perusal of what books dealt with drama in finance, and many of them involved murder on Wall Street. By contrast, the books by the late Paul Erdman dealt with the...
  15. misc I would love to write a Superman trilogy (or quadrology).

    Given current events, I'm escaping into fantasy - and delusional one at that. I'm a fan of the first two Superman movies with Richard Donner, but, after that, another team took over, so the franchise went downhill. I understand Superman 1 was the first major motion picture to take the genre...
  16. off-topic Stay safe.

    My best wishes to everyone at this difficult time.
  17. misc Cameo service

    According to the New York Times, there's an online service called "Cameo" that allows minor celebrities to make short videos for a fee. The article also notes that the money is probably gig money, and the service, like so many other online videos, won't be shaking up the established giants...
  18. budget Star Wars fan film

    This seems to be a high-quality fan film, and I did a bit of digging around, and it seems the producer/actor launched an Indiegogo campaign, raising $35,000 + for the 18-minute film. Any thoughts on the short? I'm especially interested in the budget estimate, and, if it costs $$35 K to do an...
  19. news BBC looking for scripts on self-isolation.

    British Broadcasting Corporation is looking for scripts on self-isolation. This could be someone's big chance.
  20. acting THE mild-mannered reporter.

    Since we're not working, let's talk film. For whatever reason, I got to watching parts of Superman 1 and 2 (with Christopher Reeve) on Youtube. To me, he's not only the iconic Superman, he's also the iconic Clark Kent. According to Wikipedia, he prepared for his role as the mild-mannered...