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  1. watch The Pipe Dream - Mom and Son Filmmaking Team (Shot on the A6600)

    Hello, We're a filmmaking son and mom who work together on all our projects. We've done 3 movies together and 71 other projects like this one below. Would love some feedback if possible. Thank you
  2. misc Virulent: A Coronavirus inspired Scene - What If Covid turned 100% Fatal 😳

    Hey there, Im fairly new and just wanted to share our most recent scene. Shot on the A6600 with a 2 person crew. Days of shooting 1 day.
  3. misc Short Scene: A One Man Show - (Identity)

    Hello Indie Talk This is a recent scene we shot on the A6600 with a 2 person crew.
  4. link The Most Dangerous Game - (Short Scene)

    Hello everyone, This is my first post besides my introduction on the welcome page. My mom and I are filmmakers and we shoot scenes for local actors. Here's one of them below.
  5. New/ introduction

    Hello my name is Jared from Real2Reel. Im a filmmaker and love movies/tv.