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    treatment What I learned from the frustration of (re-)writing 2 page treatments

    I'm working on a ghostwriting project that's about to (I think, hope, & expect) move to the next phase within the next few days: writing a rom com feature for a production company. Since the earlier phase is wrapping up successfully, it seems like a good time to share a little about the...
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    watch New poster for my feature Surviving Family

    Time for a poster re-fresh :) Surviving Family is streaming on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Vimeo on Demand.
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    misc screenwriter memes

    Saw this right after I finished a search for hand guns and telescopic sights :)
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    software Opening a file to where you left off

    I use Final Draft for "my" screenplays but whatever the client wants when I work on someone else's project. A pet peeve of mine is that while FD, by default, opens to the last page I was working on, the others open to page 1. Am I missing something that another screenwriter on here can help me...
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    link "Surviving Family" is now in your local public library via Hoopla

    I'm delighted that my first feature, Surviving Family, is now available for free at public libraries across the US and Canada via Hoopla. Check out their site to see if your library is a member. If so, you can join Hoopla for free - they offer ebooks, music, audio books, and movies for free. As...
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    website Updated web site

    I've updated & slightly re-arranged my web site, including adding a separate sections for recent screenplays.
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    watch DETOURS Feature Streaming on Filmzie

    We've just added the free U.S. streaming site Filmzie as another free streaming option for my 2nd feature, DETOURS. You can watch it here: Filmzie does give the opportunity to review and/or favorite the movies you watch, so a good word is always appreciated...
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    watch DETOURS - BTS with Paul Sorvino

    It's time for another behind the scenes video from DETOURS courtesy of @Cracker Funk : this one is behind the scenes with Paul Sorvino. It also includes some of the rest of us :) Check it out, then watch DETOURS on Amazon Prime in the US and the UK (free for members, just 99 cents for...
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    watch DETOURS now available on Tubi

    My feature DETOURS is now streaming for free on ad-supported TubiTV in the US. Click HERE to watch it.
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    plot Don't Think About It So Much

    I realize this periodically, but was reminded of it while I was putting the pots in the dishwasher this morning: when you're having a problem figuring out a plot point in your screenplay, relax and do something else. Don't focus so hard on it, and often the solution will drift into your mind...
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    watch My interview about screenwriting & producing

    I had the pleasure of being interviewed long-distance about screenwriting and producing. I learned never, ever sit in a swivel chair when being interviewed (I thought it would be audio only :)). But I hope you enjoy the content, which I'm quite pleased with.
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    "Surviving Family" streaming on Vimeo on Demand

    I'm delighted that my feature Surviving Family starring Billy Magnussen is now streaming worldwide on Vimeo on Demand. It's also available on Amazon Prime in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany but I'm delighted to break out of those borders. Here's the link...
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    Intro to Filmmaking for Screenwriters at Phil Writers Conf

    I'm excited to present an Introduction to Filmmaking for Screenwriters at the 71st Annual Philadelphia Writers Conference on Friday June 7 at 1:30 PM. Topics that I'll cover include getting your screenplay ready for production; casting, including working with agents and casting directors...
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    DETOURS Available Worldwide on Vimeo on Demand

    My 2nd feature, DETOURS, is now on Vimeo on Demand in addition to Amazon Prime. I've done this because it's tough (and expensive) to add all countries on Amazon. This way it's available everyone, although admittedly only in English. The amazing cast for our father/daughter road-trip comedy...
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    New Interview: Firing a Film Crew Member

    I recently sat down with Forris Day Jr. and Jeffrey Michael Bays as part of their ongoing series: Get Real: Indie Filmmakers - Surviving as a Filmmaker in 2018. This time we took on a subject that I've rarely seen or heard discussed: what to do when you realize you need to fire a crew member...
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    Intro to Producing for Screenwriters - June 2019 seminar

    I'm delighted to announce that I'll be giving a seminar on producing for screenwriters at the 79th annual Philadelphia Writers Conference on Friday, June 7, 2019. I'll be discussing what I've learned from producing 2 features; topics will include getting your script ready, working with casting...
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    Interview re Attaching Name Actors

    I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for the podcast Get Real: Indie Filmmakers Surviving in 2018. We had a terrific discussion about casting name actors in indie films, and how I went about casting my two features (DETOURS and Surviving Family). Check out the interview at the link...
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    Interview about DETOURS feature

    It was a pleasure to be interviewed recently for about my feature film DETOURS, working with our great cast, and my experience as an indie film producer. You can check it out here...
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    DETOURS & Surviving Family on Amazon Prime in Canada

    This took longer than I expected, but I'm delighted that both of my features are now available on Amazon Prime in Canada. DETOURS is a father/daughter road-trip comedy with a great cast that includes Richard Kind, Michael Cerveris, and Paul Sorvino. You can click HERE to watch. Surviving...
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    "Surviving Family" streaming in Germany

    My first feature, Surviving Family, is now available on Amazon Prime in Germany and Austria with sub-titles. The German title is "Im Kreis der Familie," and the link is here.. We chose this for our first foray into the foreign language market because director Laura Thies is German. I know we...