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  1. BelangerRRRRRRR

    Cannes Festival, short film corner, just learn my short film will be there. Raymond May Have Rabies teaser trailer. I just learned that Canada is sending my short film Raymond May Have Rabies to the " Short Film Corner in Cannes film festival" I'm kind of flabbergast right now..... :S What is the Short Film Corner exactly???? They sell...
  2. BelangerRRRRRRR

    The writing script VS the Shooting script

    Before, I was writing directly in final draft with the adequate format. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to write right a way the shooting script. I realized it was not the best way to get my story out of me. Shooting script is for the producer, the art department, the actors ect ect. But...
  3. BelangerRRRRRRR

    Movies about internationnal crime lords

    YO People!!!! Looking for movies about international CRIME LORDS. Documentary and fictions. Any kind of crime, drugs weapons murder ect. THx aaaaa lott!
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    OK I know, my posts are weirds.. HEre my web site to follow me

    HEYY!!!!!!!!!! YOu don'T use the GOd$#$@!$@#3 right tools to do the job. It's like you are trying to paint a car in red with a broom. Never phone somebody who just died. It can be disturbing for you... if he answers. HEre's my website to follow all my stuff. Facebook twitter, youtube...
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    RAYMOND MAY HAVE RABIES TRAILER updated Here my new short film trailer. His festival cherry will be POP next month here in Canada at one of the most important film festival of Québec province. - The tale of the Simard brother's co-dependent relationship: JR uses...
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    Movies about writers.

    I just watched CAPOTE and BARTON FINK. Good movies both. But I do prefer Bennett Miller's story paste and texture over the Coen Brothers on those pictures. F#@#$% phone is ringing. I hate phones. Really. It's so invasive. From remote you can make an object make a noise in any place in the...
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    Movies with no or little dialogue. Why you like it or don't like it

    Sup people! Simple questions but always make some good discussion. So I want your opinons on movies with no or little dialogue. Yes I want to know if you like it or not but what I really want to know is why. Feel free to elaborate. I will tell my position on this question later. I want people...
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    Ok, i'm here to share STuff STUFF STuff STuff FUN stuff HATE stuff and me :)

    Hahahhaa!! HI! My name is Ramiro Bélanger, I'm french canadian from Québec, you know, people from the North Est who lives in igloos and speak weird frenglish( French mixed with English) I'm working as a Animation Art Director for Activision. I'm an super enthusiastic amateur of storytelling...