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  1. threepeakproductions

    Video Editing & Color Correction

    Alright, so I have been looking for jobs for video editing and I realized I have almost nothing on my reel! Then I kept asking am I supposed to gain experience if you need experience to get the job. SO thats why I am here. If anyone needs footage edited or color corrected I would...
  2. threepeakproductions

    Composer Waned For Short Thriller

    We are currently looking for a composer for a short horror film entitled HOBO. If you are interested please contact us for more information at
  3. threepeakproductions

    For A Short Thriller!

    We are looking for writers who want to collaborate on a short film. We were thinking about a short thriller but if you have any other ideas we would love to hear them! If you are interested please contact me at or send me a private message. Thanks!
  4. threepeakproductions

    DP & Crew Wanted For Short Action Thriller

    We are Three Peak Productions, a group of teens and young adults who have been working in the film industry for a while. We all came together and we are in the process of making out first short film. We are looking for a DP based arounds San Jose or San Francisco. We are also looking for boom...
  5. threepeakproductions

    What Do You Wish Was Invented?

    There are many great tools and inventions out there for filmmaking, but what is one that you wish you had that hasn't been invented yet???
  6. threepeakproductions

    How Can You Find Actors Who Respect You?

    Alright so lets start out with some background. I am the "founder" of a small production company called Three Peak Productions. It is a group that is run almost completely by teens who take film very seriously. Our goal is to make films that really show what we see and what is in our minds. We...
  7. threepeakproductions

    Price Drop On RED Cameras!!!

    Over the weekend all 3 of the red cameras dropped in price! The Biggest drop was from the RED ONE PRICE: $4,000 (Originally $25,000) They used this baby to shoot the FOX TV show Louie!!! The second biggest was the RED EPIC-X PRICE: $19,000 (Originally $34,500) The Red Epic has been used to...
  8. threepeakproductions

    Shooting In A Hospital?

    Hi there, Ok here is my dilemma, in the short film I have there are a few scenes in a hospital. How do I do that? Is it possible to actually shoot in a hospital?
  9. threepeakproductions

    I Will Edit Your Music Video FREE!

    Hi there, I am looking for people who need a music video edited. I will edit your music video for free! Thats right free! No catch. Why? Because I am looking for some videos as examples of my editing. I promise you will get a very good quality music video. if you are interested email me at...
  10. threepeakproductions

    For A New Webseries!

    Hey there! We are currently in the process of starting a new webseries but we are missing a writer. We are looking for someone who has a very big imagination and someone who can get the point of the story across. If you are interested or you have any questions feel free to send me a private...
  11. threepeakproductions

    watch Last Day of Summer Teaser

    So I am making a short film called The Last Day of Summer and I threw together a small teaser for it. I put this together kind of fast and was wondering what people would think of it. I would only use this teaser to get some money to fund the video. Any comments woud be greatly appreciated...
  12. threepeakproductions

    For a short thriller

    I have had ideas for many short films that I really want to start working on but I don't really know how to write them. I am looking for someone who is passionate about writing and can help me portray my idea. If you are interested please contact me at or send me a...
  13. threepeakproductions

    Hi There!

    My name is Nicolas and I am an actor/writer/director. I am currently in the middle of writing a short film and can't wait to get it started. I'm so glad to be a part of this community and I'm excited to learn all I can. Thanks!