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  1. Maazer

    watch Directed This Music Video (with screenshots) - Feedback is Appreciated!

    Shot on RED Scarlet Dragon in a few locations in New Jersey. Any questions, feel free to ask! VIDEO: One Hundred Thousand - "Low"
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    Please Delete
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    The Driver (2014) - A hitman concludes his legacy with one more job... [3:34]

    For my 100th post, I want to share this short I shot on RED Epic in December. :)
  4. Maazer

    What NLE Do You Use?

    I'm pretty sure a thread like this has been made before, but since some new advances in the post world have been rising up, I think it would be interesting to see what everyone's using. As an editor, it's very beneficial to be bi-editorial, or even tri-editorial! Interested in reading what...
  5. Maazer

    Editor Reels

    It's a tough way to sell yourself as an editor by showing someone your reel. I've noticed a lot of employers will hire you based on your credits, and not so much your visual work. Unless your cuts are really incredible, I've never heard a producer say, "I hired him based on his content," because...
  6. Maazer

    Sick Editor Available

    Editor Available I'm a solid editor, just popped back into freelance. Great credits, great reel. Check out my stuff, or if you need help with any of your projects, I'd be glad to hop in too! :)
  7. Maazer

    Freelancing and Holds

    This thread is geared mostly toward post people, but I'm sure it can apply to anyone in the industry. I moved from LA to NYC and have been becoming more familiar with holds (first holds, second holds). I'd like to hear some input on how you handle your freelance schedules, and what to do in...
  8. Maazer

    FCP User Taking an Avid Gig

    Hey all, Oh man, it's been almost four years since I graduated film school where I was lectured on Avid for a solid two months, and I forgot just about everything. Between then and now, I've opened MC four times to try and learn it, but I just get so frustrated; I could never grasp it. I was...
  9. Maazer

    watch Israel - Shot on Go Pro

    I took the Taglit Birthright Israel trip in August and picked up a Go Pro to document the journey. I was able to capture some great stuff and put it all together in an entertaining, organized mini doc. Would love to hear your thoughts! :D 99% shot on Go Pro Hero 2, 1% Samsung Galaxy S II...
  10. Maazer

    watch Behind the Scenes (BTS): Do You Create This Stuff?

    Take a look at this: Since 2009, I've found love in crossing the genres of documentary and music video together as a fun, few minutes video production. Since I was a kid, I lived for seeing behind the scenes of just about anything on TV, especially from HBO's First...
  11. Maazer

    Acquring a Robot

    Here's a long shot. I'm shooting an episode of a webseries that involves a robot. I'm looking for something that could possibly be rolled around on a skateboard or mini dolly, but more specifically, an R2-D2-ish structure around 4 feet in height. I know this sounds rather silly to ask, but does...
  12. Maazer

    Kickstarter for my Series!

    Hey guys! I recently set up a Kickstarter page to promote funding toward a webisode series I'm directing and producing in LA. I have a great cast and crew, and I need some extra funds to obtain specific resources to complete production to shoot in January. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! :)...
  13. Maazer

    Editing is an Art

    I just wanted to drop my two cents in as an editor for about four years. It takes time and lots of patience to conquer the achievement of finishing a large project successfully in the post process. With lots of failures and missed shots, breakthroughs will pour through. We are maestros at the...
  14. Maazer

    DIT - Digital Image Technician

    I was wondering little more about the role of a DIT on set. I've seen this job a lot on RED camera sets, has anyone worked in this field before? I know they transfer data, but what programs and plug-ins are necessary? From what I hear, it sounds like an editor meets a film loader. I'd love...
  15. Maazer

    watch Jacked - a neo/noir comedy

    Three burglars try to steal a car... at the same time. This film cost less than $500 to produce, and was shot in 7.5 hours. Shot on two HVX-200's. Would love to hear your thoughts. :)
  16. Maazer

    watch Spell Check

    I had a Z1U lying around that a friend left at my apartment. One of my two roommates came in and asked, "Is that a camera?". I replied, "Yes". He urged that we make something before the camera guy came back. So I wrote, shot and edited this beautiful piece of crap in less than 6 hours...
  17. Maazer

    Shooting Inside a Car?

    Has anyone ever done shooting inside of a vehicle before. I'm doing a short with an HVX-200 and a lot of dialog takes place in a car, within a parking garage. I'd like to hear some of your thoughts and/or complications and advice on getting what I need.
  18. Maazer

    watch Console Wars!

    The war between the 7th generation of console gaming, as seen through the eyes of three hardcore gamers. Shot in HD. http://
  19. Maazer

    Just Finished a Short, Here's How it Went:

    Hey folks, apologies for the long-awaited write-up that you guys were fishing to see (man, it really took me a month to get back on the forum!?). Finally, the film has been shot and a crazy weekend adventure came to an end. Firstly, I want to say thanks to Zensteve, Directorick, and the Admin...
  20. Maazer

    Table Reads

    I've never hosted a table read, and I'm doing so tomorrow for a short. I have personal aquaintance with two of the four leads, and have never personally met the remainder of the cast. I know, it seems strange, but to throw pre-pro together in only a month's time, I hired a casting director...