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  1. Kosh

    RIP Lauren Bacall

    RIP, indeed.
  2. Kosh

    Made in China follow focus gear has an awful odor.

    Thanks, everyone, for your help. I'll leave them in the garage until the weekend. Hopefully that helps because that stuff smells wicked bad - like some mutant kerosene evil spawn thing. Thanks again.
  3. Kosh

    that character that drive the story forward

    Agreed. Whatever you want to call them - supporting character, mentor, whatever - you must be able to move your story forward without some talking head explaining everything that is going on. It's your characters actions (in actions) and decisions made in face of challenging and exciting...
  4. Kosh

    Bizarre Juxtiposition in Music Videos

    Visual storytelling is a collaborative effort and good on you to have such great consideration with your workmate here, the DP. But collaboration does need a purpose, a goal, some direction if the work is to head anywhere, have meaning or even for you to know when you are done. At best it could...
  5. Kosh

    Made in China follow focus gear has an awful odor.

    Hi folks I just purchased three Fotga follow focus gear belts from China to go with my Fotga follow focus unit (which is surprisingly very good for the cost). The gear belts have a really strong odor to them, is this a health risk? Is there something I can do to deal with the odor without...
  6. Kosh

    RIP Robin Williams

    RIP, Robim. I am shocked and deeply saddened by this terrible news. He was clearly one the true greats. You will be missed.
  7. Kosh

    watch "Andromeda" (shortfilm shot with GH3)

    Very nice, indeed. Congrats on a very nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Kosh

    Workout/Exercise Corporate Video

    Hi everyone, I have been asked to shoot a workout/exercise video that will be part of a corporate orientation package. This is outside of my music video/short work - where the film look is the goal. I was going for something sharper and clearer - maybe 30p or 60i (I plan on using either my...
  9. Kosh

    Gandolfini Dead

    This news shocked the heck out of me! Totally bummed. Just devastated! RIP, James Gandolfini. My deepest condolences to his family.
  10. Kosh

    Canon 5d mark 3 vs Canon Legria XA10 vs ???

    LOL. You gotta love rayw's passion and he's right on. At the end of the day it's all about your story and your execution. We've all seen some amazing stuff done on an iPhone and some straight up unwatchable crap done on film. Your primary job is to tell a story. I have personally enjoyed some...
  11. Kosh

    R.I.P. Roger Ebert

    RIP, Roger Ebert.
  12. Kosh

    Lip syncing - music vid

    That was the point of my question. I wasn't quite sure if you had some other creative reasoning behind the lip syncing thing. Heck, if you are just shooting a video you're going to overlay the "scratch" track with the actual music/song so who cares what you do or how you record the scratch...
  13. Kosh

    Lip syncing - music vid

    Just out of curiosity, why would you want them to lip sync?
  14. Kosh

    watch Scotty & Me - Short film

    Interesting. Not bad and I really liked where you were going with this. Just a few observations: Just out of curiosity, why did you rush the production? Was this to be submitted to some contest or something? Seems like a few more takes could have helped the actor reach a bit deeper. I don't...
  15. Kosh

    Atomos Ninja 2 or something (more affordable) like it

    Thanks Paul and jax. Thanks for your responses. Most appreciated. So the Atomos it is - better start saving up the pennies. Until then I am going to have to see how I can push that 4:2:0 compressed footage of the G10 and even more so - how I can inter-cut it with my 60D footage when the story...
  16. Kosh

    Star Trek Into Darkness

    Yeah. So there. So many times to watch this.
  17. Kosh

    Atomos Ninja 2 or something (more affordable) like it

    Hi everybody, So I am going to try to get more bang for my buck by grabbing some uncompressed footage from my G10 via HDMI out (oh and can I do the HDMI out thingy and record the compressed footage via the normal card route at the same time? Why? Just curious, is all). The Atomos Ninja 2 is the...
  18. Kosh

    watch Storyboards

    Thank you, sonnyboo.
  19. Kosh

    What do you call these types of shots?

    So imagine a circle around your talent (or the thing you are shooting) and the camera is at 6 o'clock and your actor is facing the camera at 6 o'clock. Here are the names of the shots based on the actor turning... * at 6 o'clock - full frontal (not a very flattering shot but can be used...
  20. Kosh

    watch Terra Australis - New timelapse film

    Sweet! Gotta say, I loved your interview with Kessler U on Terra Australis - Job well done guys - a visual treat and very, very inspiring. Keep up the good work, sir.