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  1. Maazer

    watch Directed This Music Video (with screenshots) - Feedback is Appreciated!

    Thanks! Looking back, I wish I added some more story element. Especially in the end, but I was so tied to some of the performance shots that I was fearing I'd lose the energy by taking some away.
  2. Maazer

    watch Directed This Music Video (with screenshots) - Feedback is Appreciated!

    Thanks so much! Ha that's interesting, maybe that treatment was for a different video. Could you link me? This actually was my first time with a Scarlet, since the DP owned a Scarlet Dragon. I used an Epic twice, so going down to the upgraded Dragon wasn't too bad. Only inconvenience I bumped...
  3. Maazer

    watch Directed This Music Video (with screenshots) - Feedback is Appreciated!

    Shot on RED Scarlet Dragon in a few locations in New Jersey. Any questions, feel free to ask! VIDEO: One Hundred Thousand - "Low"
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    Please Delete
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    The Driver (2014) - A hitman concludes his legacy with one more job... [3:34]

    HA! You're absolutely right. Perhaps he knows a guy? Also, this could have taken place in the 90's or early 00's, or maybe he just likes to keep it classy. Thanks for watching! :cool:
  6. Maazer

    The Driver (2014) - A hitman concludes his legacy with one more job... [3:34]

    For my 100th post, I want to share this short I shot on RED Epic in December. :)
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    VFX Resource: Lens Distortion Grids

    OP - you are AWESOME
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    Grading for Vimeo

    Are you referencing your scopes? Rule number one is to always use your scopes. Make sure your blacks are above the 0 line.
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    Need help with exporting in FCPX

    There's a new update that's said to fix that problem. Latest version is 10.0.9 - do you have that?
  10. Maazer

    What NLE Do You Use?

    The concept behind Avid sprouts from the old tape-based workflow. Lots of principles are there, and it's been almost virtually the same for years. The option to freely move clips can be done with the Smart Tool, but is generally a trademark of Apple workflow. Premiere is the closest thing to...
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    What NLE Do You Use?

    VERY cool. I'd love to be in the loop of this! :)
  12. Maazer

    What NLE Do You Use?

    Didn't know you could grade in Nuke! Well, I figured it could do just about anything - do you do anything else in there as well?
  13. Maazer

    What NLE Do You Use?

    Not surprised there aren't any Avid users who posted, though Avid hasn't been particularly strong in the indie world... I prefer FCP7 as my main go-to, but I work in Avid MC during the day and have freelanced a few gigs in FCPX. It's nice to see people calming down to the reaction of FCPX. I...
  14. Maazer

    What NLE Do You Use?

    I'm pretty sure a thread like this has been made before, but since some new advances in the post world have been rising up, I think it would be interesting to see what everyone's using. As an editor, it's very beneficial to be bi-editorial, or even tri-editorial! Interested in reading what...
  15. Maazer

    Efficient Editing

    Truth to this. If you're lucky enough to have a log from the scripty, you can use your circled takes for your first cut. Sometimes you won't know why the director liked that particular take, so you can use your judgement.
  16. Maazer

    Shot List???

    Great advice here, I do the same with the script - though I end up doing a revision when seeing the shots on paper. I built a really useful Google Doc spreadsheet if you guys care to use it. It looks something like this: Link below...
  17. Maazer

    > My Crowdfunding Experience

    Had a cool concept and shot a full 22 minute pilot for $500 and used that to help market my campaign. Really, the only backers who were pledging were people browsing Kickstarter. This was a couple of years ago - before all this Veronica Mars and Spike Lee crap, so not much case study and stories...
  18. Maazer

    Editor Reels

    It's a tough way to sell yourself as an editor by showing someone your reel. I've noticed a lot of employers will hire you based on your credits, and not so much your visual work. Unless your cuts are really incredible, I've never heard a producer say, "I hired him based on his content," because...
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    Sick Editor Available

    Editor Available I'm a solid editor, just popped back into freelance. Great credits, great reel. Check out my stuff, or if you need help with any of your projects, I'd be glad to hop in too! :)
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    24fps vs 60fps

    A lot of network television is broadcast at 60fps