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  1. CZF

    Best Hitchhiking Dialogue

    Hey everyone, just looking for some inspiration for a script I'm writing. So what are some movies with some great hitchhiking dialogue that you enjoy?
  2. CZF

    Hello, first day here!

    Hey guys, we just joined the site and just wanted to introduce ourselves. My buddy Ian and I started this project this year called California Zephyr Films. Our objective: To capture and release short films once a month for this year. We have no film school experience - and we'd love to get...
  3. CZF

    watch Portable Living - 5 minute short

    Hey guys! My first post and my first time here. This is a little project me and my buddy Ian started - we plan on capturing and releasing a short film every month. Here is our sophomore attempt. Opinions?<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...