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    watch 24 Hour Film Dash

    We recently competed in our very first film race. It was much harder than we thought, but it was also tons of fun. We had to make a movie that was between 3-5 minutes and the elements were: Prop: Umbrella Action: Knocking over a drink Character: Nerd Line (Spoken, written, or sung): You...
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    Post production audio problem

    hey guys, i have a problem. just curious if any one might have a solution. I have a documentary that I'm wrapping up and there was a scene where we shot in an aquarium. I guess one of the pumps or something there has left my audio with a pretty loud hum. The voice is clear, but there is this...
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    Summer of the Sharks - Trailer

    Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since I logged on. I've been working on a new movie and it's about to be finished. However, today, I uploaded the first trailer for it. Just a sneak peek of what the movie is before we start submitting to festivals. Please feel free to let me know what...