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    Ending for a futuristic crime thriller... help!

    Hi everyone... its been a while since i was on here. so here's the concept: In the future, people will be able to record and store as information everything that they experience through their brain. Experiences are recorded, stored, and upload to a computer. At first this is done to keep...
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    The struggle to get your movie seen

    Ive been thinking about this for a while. The difficulty to make 'it' out there is so incredibly hard that its even depressing. With online streaming and free movies its gotta be so hard really making a living out of being a filmmaker, let alone an independent one. This frustrates me because...
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    Most suspenful movie youve seen?

    What is the most suspenful/ thriller movie youve seen? I mean one that has kept you one the edge of your seat the entire movie
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    style over substance

    which one are you? why?
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    how do you practice writing?

    free writing? do you just come up with scenarios? write for many hours? what do you do to get better?
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    how do you get a cast/crew?

    most of us here dont have the resources for big spending. in my case specifically (im 18) its a giant pain getting people/actors to work for free. i wanna know how you guys get your grips/PAs/editors etc.? pay? friends? is there a guild or website in which people list themselves for pay or...
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    what do you think of this idea?

    I was thinking about how tarantino's 'dogs' is his version of kubricks the killing, and how he changed it in never showing the actual heist. What about a similar premise but as everything goes wrong for them, the heist is ever actually accomplished? would that be a dumb idea? tell me what you...
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    export setting in after effects?

    het guys, what settings should i use to export? Ive been doing it lossless and the as a quicktime movie. I wanna then import the footage to final cut to edit the whole piece. What is the best setting so I dont lose quality?
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    final cut pro users please help

    just made the switch to FCP, still learning how to use it, ive got some questions. What format should I use? Ive been playing around with it and in some exports the quality isnt HD as i shot it.I need to render every audio and video clip?? is there a program to make this easier? thanks
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    any filmmakers in south florida?

    Im wondering if any filmmakers lives down south. I would love to help out in any project you might have.
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    got an idea, but no story

    well ive written this script about two men in an office. They receive a package which they believe is money. As the stranger leaves, they open it up to find a letter saying to look under their desk. Theres a bomb under the desk, and then the rest of the story is drama building up to the point...
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    what do you guys think of lost?

    I didnt find a section for tv shows. What do you guys think? greatest show ever? overrated? I loved the way they tied in all the stories, though the end coulve been more explained
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    help with making a fake bomb?

    I need a bomb for a short, the typical wired full bomb. Im gonna use computer wires etc. what should i use as a base? if that makes sense. maybe a box shaped base?
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    camcorder special effect

    hey guys im wondering how they do those effects were they add things to make a shot look like documentary style. usually theres the words REC or a timer running like in cloverfield. How can i do that?
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    what do you think of stoner comedies?

    like em or hate em. what do you think? is it worth it to make a short? its pretty funny. for example pineapple exprees, how high etc
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    add tension to a scene?

    my last scene is one were both protagonists die, trying to disarm a bomb. how can i add some tension and make it dramatic? ive thought of using close ups, dramatic music etc. but what else?
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    laptop and editing question

    hey guys, im at a dilemma here. In a couple of months ill be leaving for college, and would like to work on my projects on my computer. (up to now ive been using my school's equip) I currently have a macbook, 13" pretty much stock. Is it possible to upgrade it enough to make it run smoothly...
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    watch Suicidio Asistido- a short film

    Hey guys! well here it is! my first real short film. (im 18) please check it out! any and all comments are welcomed please it was challenging since it was the first time i used adult actors, real location and dialogue.
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    how long to edit a 10-15 min short

    hey guys, this will be my first 15 min short. I decided to shoot with a 1080p HD camera and recorded sound apart. I never would have thought itd be so much work to sync them up :( how long does it usually take you guys? any tips? thanks
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    watch School Football Video

    Hey guys i was assigned to do this video for school. Please let me know what you think and any criticism is openly accepted