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    Title First or Title Last?

    I've always found it curious to look at other people's creative processes and to see what they do. That being said, I wondered this, do you, my screenwriting compatriot, write a story/outline/rough draft from the title or build up to it out of an idea? Personally, I've found that working from...
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    Is there a such thing as too much ambition?

    I ask this because I'm looking to start a very tumultuous year. In an 11 month span starting December 1st, my team and I are planning to have a crowdfunding campaign up and running for $20,000. That $20,000 is going to cover 3 short films (one musical, one love story, one drama,) and the first 6...
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    What's your Dream Remake?

    Say you were given carte blanche to remake a film with only 3 rules: 1. The movie must be older than you. 2. The movie's story must be a modernization (i.e. it can't be shot-for-shot or a remake set in the same era.) 3. You can't use any of the actors who can be considered well-known. What...
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    Death Scenes

    I have a question for everyone. I'm creating a horror-comedy right now, but I'm thinking about how to kill certain characters. Is there anything in particular that hasn't been seen yet or that you'd like to see done with a twist to a character just before they die? The upside is that the laws of...
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    Greetings from El Paso!

    Hi, guys and gals! My name is Marco Antonio Chacon, but you guys can call me Tony. I'm the sole employee, owner, and CEO of Phenomenal One Pictures, a writer, an actor, a director, and a producer. We're currently in pre for our first feature, and, hopefully, we'll get funded to make it! Hope to...