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  1. joe-lenny

    Documentary - TV Show

    Documentary - TV Show, Advice needed I'm sure you've all seen TV shows about other TV shows, either looking at the making-of or celebrating it nostalgically. Seeing as these shows usually have a lot of guest celebrities giving their opinions on the show, how are they written? Do they just...
  2. joe-lenny

    Hi from Plymouth, UK

    also, I'll be in New York, Boston, Tallahassee and various points along East Coast USA in late August till Oct/Nov next year.
  3. joe-lenny

    Hi from Plymouth, UK

    I'm Lenny, 3rd year BA film arts student at Plymouth College of Art, achieving a Distinction last year. I'm a writer and director, currently writing an adaptation of Grow Up by Ben Brooks and a documentary on a popular BBC Radio Show. I intend to also start work on a feature film based on Nikola...
  4. joe-lenny

    watch Grow Up

    This is an extract from the book Grow Up by Ben Brooks. A fantastic book which I would like to make a feature length film of in the future. It was made last year for my final Foundation Degree piece. Take a look, any comments appreciated :D
  5. joe-lenny

    Doc. on a BBC Radio Show

    Hiya, I'm a film-student from Plymouth currently writing a documentary on a BBC Radio Show for one of my projects. I would like to follow through with it and make the film in the near(ish) future. I haven't been able to find contact details for the show's producers and I don't know how to get...