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  1. joshythehipster

    Lighting equipment

    Hey guys! I'm starting year 2 of my degree and so far, I have my camera, field recorder, Mic, boom pole, tripod, etc. and I forgot one crucial element to own... Lighting! All last year and in year 3, I used the institutes lighting for years but now I need to get my own. Do you guys have any...
  2. joshythehipster

    watch For uni

    Hey all, I thought I'd make my videos for uni look a little more professional, so I made an ident-y thing for the start of my videos. What do you guys think? It's simple and wasn't very hard to do. :cheers: JP
  3. joshythehipster

    Light meter

    Hey all! Hope you all had a lovely christmas full of chocolates, turkey/chicken/ham/beef and alcohols! In the January sales, I'm going to go treat myself and get a light meter, but I don't know whats good and whats not so good. Budget is £50.00 as I'm a poor student. Also, thought of today...
  4. joshythehipster

    Secret Santa 2013 screening

    Hey all, Opening the screening thread as its almost CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! I hope all the Secret Santa's managed to get their videos done, ready for opening time. Remember, post at midnight GMT (earliest) or whenever you manage to wake up! Also, I hope you are all excited as hell to see what you...
  5. joshythehipster

    watch Now or Never - Uni video

    Hey guys, Here is my first project of the year for uni, Now or Never. I submitted it Friday, what do you guys think? Now or Never (YT thingy won't work for me) Cheers JP :D
  6. joshythehipster

    Friends Kickstarter Campaign

    [URL=""]Watch Dog Kickstarter/URL] Hey guys My friend is making a short film for his final year in degree and needs some help funding it. Its a great idea and it sounds really interesting in my opinion...
  7. joshythehipster

    Secret Santa 2013

    Hey guys, the time has come for this years Secret Santa!!!! :D So, lets get some names down! 1 - Say your game or no in the thread. If game, what kind of message do you want from your Santa? 2 - Message me on Facebook or my email: (RE: Secret Santa) so I can...
  8. joshythehipster

    Lidl tablet....

    Hey all, I was just looking on the dailymash and saw an article for the £12.99 tablet PC from Lidl... :lol: There is the link to the article. I like the fact you can watch films, frame by frame ;)...
  9. joshythehipster

    First paid job...

    Hey all, Been here a few years learning about film and tomorrow I'm meeting up with someone who wants to pay me to film a holiday advert for him. He said we'll go over payment when we meet so I can decide whether its for me. Travel and accommodation is paid for there. As a student, how much...
  10. joshythehipster

    Feature film

    Hey guys I was wondering, whats the quickest anyone has ever made a feature film in the digital age or ever? I can imagine it was quickish. Josh EDIT START - IDEA FINISH - FINAL EDIT
  11. joshythehipster

    Hit Film ultimate

    Hey all, How ya doing? I hope well. I am looking at getting hit film, however I'm unsure. What are your views on it? Keep filming :D JP
  12. joshythehipster

    Student camera

    Hey guys! Long time no speak (again) I'm starting university in September and I need to get a DSLR and I budget is around £600. For a student, what would you recommend I use? Thanks as always :cheers: JP
  13. joshythehipster


    Hey guys! Hope you remember me haha. Been MIA due a number of things, but important thing is that I'm back with my un-wise words ahha. HAPPY NEW YEAR BTW!!1 I know I'm like 6 - 7 days late with it :L Planning on seeing the hobbit. Is it as awesome as its made out to be? Or is it a flop...
  14. joshythehipster

    watch Very very very very short title sequence

    Hey all, I made a very very very short title sequence for my little sister, as I suggested she should show her tattoo style art on youtube videos, and I said I'd help with the filming and editing side. What do you think to this sequence? :) Title sequence :cheers: Josh P.S - Hope you're all...
  15. joshythehipster

    One shot short film...

    Hey all, I know I always put up about making a short film, then never going anywhere. This time, I got a great idea, I got a draft script written, just need to make amendments. However, I want to shoot the entire thing in one shot. Would you write your script as a normal one, but just work...
  16. joshythehipster

    Microphones on a budget

    Hey all, Long time since I did a post haha... I was wondering, what would be the best microphone that works off USB or off mini jack, on a budget. My mum has decided to use blog tv to basically sit and show people what she is cooking. I advised her for an external mic, but not sure what would...
  17. joshythehipster

    What's your poison?

    Hey all, Been mega busy and first time in ages I got back onto here! In editing, what's your poison? ie, what do you use to edit? Just curious :) I'm a vegas user so. :cheers: Josh
  18. joshythehipster

    Dudes, hows the blues?

    So guys, I have been listening to some BB king, which I haven't done in ages. It then reminded me of a lot more different blues stuff I love like: - Muddy Waters - Lead Belly - Buddy guy - Eric Clapton etc What are your views on blues music? :) :cheers: Josh
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    Okay, I did a quick advert for a friend. It's for his college concert. What you guys think?? :cheers: Josh
  20. joshythehipster


    Hey all, Could you fill these two surveys out pleasee? :) :cheers: Josh